70 Verbs That Start with Y | Best List with Definitions and Examples


If you have been looking for verbs that start with Y, you have come to the right place. Go ahead and search for verbs beginning with Y online. You will come across a number of websites that contain those verbs. But how of many of them are there? Has any of those verbs been defined? Has any one of those been used in a sentence? I don’t think you are going to find any such list.

This is what makes this article so worthy. Firstly, it contains a list of 72 verbs that start with Y that you won’t find anywhere else. Secondly this list will give you a taste of verbs that start with Y that have been taken from Scottish English, Australian English, and American English. Thirdly, some Y verbs that have become obsolete and archaic have also been added to this list.

Lastly, each one of these action words starting with Y has been properly defined; synonyms have been given for them; and each verb has been used in a sentence to make them clearer to you.

Learning a verb is easy but learning the art of incorporating that verb into our daily life speech and writing is the tricky part. Hopefully, this article will help you in both of these cases. You will not just be able to learn these rarely found verbs that start with Y but will also get to know how to use them correctly into phrases and sentences that you utter every single day.

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Common Verbs That Start with Y

There are various verbs that you use in your day-to-day life, whether it is in writing or speaking. These are some of the verbs that start with Y that you use regularly. How many of these verbs starting with Y do you use regularly in your talks?

1. Yank

  • Definition: to pull something forcefully with a quick movement
  • Synonyms: jerk, pluck, snatch
  • Example: Jimmy turned the handle and yanked the door open.

2. Yap

  • Definition: to make a sharp, shrill bark
  • Synonyms: yelp, yip, woof
  • Example: The dachshunds are yapping at Joanna’s heels.

3. Yellow

  • Definition: to become yellow, often due to age
  • Synonyms: blanch, tinge, age
  • Example: The white stationery had yellowed with age.

4. Yowl

  • Definition: to make a long, unhappy cry
  • Synonyms: bawl, bay, wail
  • Example: My mother was woken up by cats yowling outside her room.

5. Yoke

  • Definition: to be joined
  • Synonyms: fasten, join, secure
  • Example: The farmer yoked two oxen to a plough.

6. Yeast

  • Definition: to ferment
  • Synonyms: brew, froth, churn
  • Example: The mixture of flour and water was yeasted to form bread.

7. Yuck

  • Definition: to scratch
  • Synonyms: scrape, lacerate
  • Example: Why have you been yucking that hardboard?

8. Yankee

  • Definition: to cheat, trick or swindle somebody
  • Synonyms: deceive, delude
  • Example: Jack has a bad habit of yankeeing his close friends.

9. Yarm

  • Definition: (of an animal) to utter a discordant cry
  • Synonyms: shriek, wail
  • Example: The deer is yarming in the cage.

10. Yelp

  • Definition: to utter a sharp cry
  • Synonyms: yowl, hoot, yip
  • Example: The puppies have been yelping for quite some time now.

11. Yaw

  • Definition: to swerve off course momentarily
  • Synonyms: deflect, deviate, stray
  • Example: Our ship yawed when the huge waves hit it.

12. Yammer

  • Definition: to utter repeated cries of distress
  • Synonyms: whine, moan, whimper
  • Example: A pack of coyotes was heard yammering at night.

13. Yo-yo

  • Definition: to move up and down; fluctuate
  • Synonyms: oscillate, swing, fluctuate
  • Example: Popularity polls yo-yo up and down with the flow of events.

14. Yot

  • Definition: to unite closely
  • Synonyms: fasten; rivet
  • Example: Farmer yotted both of his cows with the same rope.

15. Yump

  • Definition: to leave the ground briefly when driving over a ridge at high speed
  • Synonyms: leap, spring
  • Example: The driver yumped off his seat while crossing a ridge.

16. York

  • Definition: to bowl or try to bowl (a batsman) by pitching the ball under or just beyond the bat
  • Synonyms: deliver, bowl
  • Example: Anderson yorked the batsmen and he was adjudged out.

17. Yikker

  • Definition: (of a bird or animal) to squeal or squeak sharply and repeatedly
  • Synonyms: screech, scream
  • Example: I think it is a dodo that is yikkering.

Positive Verbs That Start with Y

Words with a positive connotation appear pleasant, fulfilling, and affirming in the context in which they are employed. Following are some of the positive verbs that start with Y. Using these verbs starting with Y in your writings and conversations will fill them with positivity.

1. Yearn

  • Definition: to desire something strongly
  • Synonyms: crave, desire, hanker
  • Example: Sometimes I just yearn to be with my beloved.

2. Yuk

  • Definition: to joke or laugh exuberantly
  • Synonyms: chaff, banter, gambol
  • Example: My friends really yukked it up at the cinema.

3. Yodel

  • Definition: to sing or call with abrupt alternating changes between a normal chest register and falsetto
  • Synonyms: sing, carol, shout
  • Example: Olivia yodels really beautifully.

4. Yacht

  • Definition: to cruise, or sail in a yacht
  • Synonyms: boat, ship, canoe
  • Example: Jacky is yachting in high waters.

5. Yard-sale

  • Definition: to sell, or buy, things at a yard sale
  • Synonyms: deal, barter, merchandize
  • Example: Why don’t you yard-sale your product, Aiman?

6. Yealm

  • Definition: to prepare straw for thatching
  • Synonyms: roof, tress
  • Example: They are yealming the dried stalks of grain so that they can make a roof out of it.

7. Yeasay

  • Definition: to say yes to; to agree with, or approve
  • Synonyms: concur, accord, agree
  • Example: She yeasaid to everything I talked about.

8. YouTube

  • Definition: search for or watch on YouTube
  • Synonyms: search, surf
  • Example: I went back and YouTubed the show.

9. Yoohoo

  • Definition: to give a cry of yoohoo
  • Synonyms: bawl, howl
  • Example: They yoohooed after their victory in the election.

10. Yard

  • Definition: to gather together into a yard
  • Synonyms: assemble, congregate, meet
  • Example: The deer are yarding up in their winter grounds.

11. Yean

  • Definition: (of sheep) to give birth to a lamb
  • Synonyms: born, appear, bud
  • Example: A lamb was yeaned the other day.

12. Yarn-dye

  • Definition: to dye before weaving or knitting
  • Synonyms: stain, tint, color
  • Example: Donna yarn-dyed all the fabrics last Saturday.

13. Yock

  • Definition: to laugh boisterously
  • Synonyms: snicker, giggle, grin
  • Example: Tommy kept his friends yocking.

14. Yeve

  • Definition: to grant, provide, or bestow.
  • Synonyms: grant, donate, allot
  • Example: Please yeve Stephen some money to buy some food.

15. Yield

  • Definition: to produce or provide a natural, agricultural, or industrial product
  • Synonyms: generate, provide, give
  • Example: This year’s crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn.

16. Yuppify

  • Definition: make more affluent and upmarket in keeping with the taste and lifestyle of yuppies
  • Synonyms: mutate, transform
  • Example: Kreuzberg is slowly being yuppified with smart little eating places.

17. Yote

  • Definition: to pour water on; to soak in, or mix with, water
  • Synonyms: mingle, blend
  • Example: Tom is Yoting mud and water to make a paste.

18. Yandy

  • Definition: to separate (grain or pieces of mineral) by shaking in a special shallow dish
  • Synonyms: isolate, segregate
  • Example: Please yandy the stones from the rice!

Verbs That Start with Y to Describe a Person

Verbs have this amazing trait of explaining the state of being of a person. Following are some of the verbs that start with Y to describe a person. Go through these verbs that start with Y and find out what they tell us about other people and their state of being.

1. Yell

  • Definition: to raise your voice and shout
  • Synonyms: bawl, bellow, yowl
  • Example: Maria yelled at her husband.

2. Yatter

  • Definition: to talk at length; chatter
  • Synonyms: chatter, babble
  • Example: Dear old Betty was yattering about me on Sunday.

3. Youthify

  • Definition: to make youthful
  • Synonyms: reinvigorate, renew
  • Example: Imran Khan has youthfied his people.

4. Yawn

  • Definition: to open your mouth widely and breathe in because you’re tired
  • Synonyms: snooze, drowse, gape
  • Example: Rabail can’t stop yawning – she must be tired.

5. Yarl

  • Definition: to sing in this manner
  • Synonyms: chant, carol
  • Example: Johnny is yarling so beautifully.

6. Yeehaw

  • Definition: to shout yeehaw, or exclaim in a similar manner
  • Synonyms: roar, bellow
  • Example: What are they yeehawing?

7. Yelloch

  • Definition: to express with a yell
  • Synonyms: shout, yell
  • Example: Don’t yelloch like that in front of your children?

8. Yak

  • Definition: to talk for a long time about unimportant matters
  • Synonyms: babble, blather, chat
  • Example: Viola is yakking away about her grandchildren.

9. Yip

  • Definition: to emit a yelp
  • Synonyms: bark, bay, growl
  • Example: The winner of the long jump yipped with glee.

10. Yack

  • Definition: to talk incessantly about trivial or boring subjects
  • Synonyms: gab, jaw, yap
  • Example: Margaret wondered what Jim was yakking about.

11. Yarn

  • Definition: to tell a long or implausible story
  • Synonyms: babble, blather
  • Example: Jack and John are yarning about local legends.

12. Yark

  • Definition: to talk rubbish
  • Synonyms: slobber, dribble, jabber
  • Example: Is it true you were yarking about Roman?

13. Yead

  • Definition: to proceed, or pass away
  • Synonyms: continue, advance, march
  • Example: Come on brother, let’s yead.

14. Yesk

  • Definition: to belch
  • Synonyms: burp, gurch
  • Example: Pardon me for yesking!

15. Youthen

  • Definition: to make youthful in appearance, behavior, or qualities of mind or feeling
  • Synonyms: prettify, titivate
  • Example: Jean has youthened her husband.

16. Yoik

  • Definition: to sing in a traditional Sami style
  • Synonyms: chant, warble
  • Example: Philip knows how to yoik.

17. Yiddishize

  • Definition: to make more Yiddish or Yiddishist
  • Synonyms: transform, change
  • Example: Jibran was Yiddishized last year.

More Verbs That Start with Y

If you want to learn some more verbs starting with Y, go through the list given below. This list contains some fascinating verbs beginning with Y that will surely charm you.

1. Yend

  • Definition: to throw; to cast
  • Synonyms: bung, chuck, hurl
  • Example: The knight yended the sword far out into the lake.

2. Yen

  • Definition: to have a desire for something or someone who is not present
  • Synonyms: ache, crave, desire
  • Example: Jensen is yenning for her lover.

3. Yakety-yak

  • Definition: to engage in aimless, pointless talk, especially when it goes on and on
  • Synonyms: chat, babble
  • Example: They have been yakety-yakking for hours now.

4. Yakka

  • Definition: to work, especially of a strenuous physical way
  • Synonyms: toil, labor
  • Example: Tom yakkaed really hard to build this place.

5. Yar

  • Definition: to growl, especially like a dog; quarrel; be captious or troublesome
  • Synonyms: snarl, growl, bark
  • Example: What is that animal that is yarring so loudly?

6. Yabber

  • Definition: to talk or utter rapidly, indistinctly, and nonsensically
  • Synonyms: chatter, babble
  • Example: What is Thomas yabbering about?

7. Yaup

  • Definition: to make a raucous noise
  • Synonyms: squawk, clamor, complain
  • Example: Please don’t yaup over the spilled milk

8. Yawl

  • Definition: to scream harshly
  • Synonyms: roar, ululate, wail
  • Example: Jeremy has been yawling for no apparent reason.

9. Yux

  • Definition: to sob or hiccough
  • Synonyms: whimper, wail, blubber
  • Example: Julian yuxed and spoke through the nose.

10. Youl

  • Definition: to yell
  • Synonyms: shriek, squawk, scream
  • Example: Arthur was seen youling at the kids.

11. Yawp

  • Definition: to shout or exclaim hoarsely
  • Synonyms: grizzle, whine, yammer
  • Example: The fans screeched, yawped, and pounded their palms.

12. Yerk

  • Definition: to strike sharply, especially with a stick or whip
  • Synonyms: whip, lash, spank
  • Example: The Policeman yerked him here several times.

13. Yeuk

  • Definition: to itch, irritate the skin
  • Synonyms: scratch, tingle
  • Example: Warner has been yeuking with some discomfort.

14. Yaw-haw

  • Definition: to laugh loudly
  • Synonyms: chuckle, guffaw
  • Example: They yaw-hawed seeing their friend in a weird costume.

15. Yeave-ho

  • Definition: to pull forcefully
  • Synonyms: tug, haul, drag
  • Example: Sailors yeave-ho their boats when they get stuck at the harbor.

16. Yerd

  • Definition: to beat someone or something using a rod or stick
  • Synonyms: flog, thrash
  • Example: The thief was yerded with a lash.

17. Yomp

  • Definition: to walk or trek laboriously, especially heavily laden and over difficult terrain
  • Synonyms: hike, tramp
  • Example: We yomped for 4 long hours before reaching the summit.

18. Yoink

  • Definition: to take something with stealth, speed, and finesse
  • Synonyms: grab, grasp
  • Example: I yoinked their meal and the money.

Verbs That Start with Y – Full List (70 Words)

The list of verbs that start with Y given below contains verbs that we have already discussed. After you are done with the above given verbs go through this list a couple of times, it will be a sort of revision for you.

  • Yank
  • Yap
  • Yellow
  • Yowl
  • Yoke
  • Yeast
  • Yuck
  • Yankee
  • Yarm
  • Yelp
  • Yaw
  • Yammer
  • Yo-yo
  • Yot
  • Yump
  • York
  • Yikker
  • Yearn
  • Yuk
  • Yodel
  • Yacht
  • Yard-sale
  • Yealm
  • Yeasay
  • YouTube
  • Yoohoo
  • Yard
  • Yean
  • Yarn-dye
  • Yock
  • Yeve
  • Yield
  • Yuppify
  • Yote
  • Yandy
  • Yell
  • Yatter
  • Youthify
  • Yawn
  • Yarl
  • Yeehaw
  • Yelloch
  • Yak
  • Yip
  • Yack
  • Yarn
  • Yark
  • Yead
  • Yesk
  • Youthen
  • Yoik
  • Yiddishize
  • Yend
  • Yen
  • Yakety-yak
  • Yakka
  • Yar
  • Yabber
  • Yaup
  • Yawl
  • Yux
  • Youl
  • Yawp
  • Yerk
  • Yeuk
  • Yaw-haw
  • Yeave-ho
  • Yerd
  • Yomp
  • Yoink

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with Y

Thank you for going through this article on verbs that start with Y. It is hoped that this article would have helped you in acquiring a number of new verbs starting with Y that you haven’t heard of before.

Linguists often claim that a language remains alive as long as there are people who speak it. Same is the case with the individual vocabulary items. In British and American English, most of the verbs that start with Y have become obsolete, and therefore are no longer in use. In Scottish and Australian English, on the other hand, a large number of these verbs have been retained.

Some of the verbs in this article are no longer in use in British English but are still used in Scottish and Australian English. You can play a big role in reviving these obsolete verbs beginning with Y and getting them back on track by using them in your daily live talks and writings. Therefore, after you are done with this article, ask your friends to visit this too.