256 Nouns That Start with Y | Best List with Definitions and Examples


This article will discuss nouns that start with Y. Nouns play an important role in everyone’s lives, which is why the list of nouns is never-ending. Nouns are significant because they refer to people, places, directions, concrete objects, abstract notions, and so on. You’ll come across a number of nouns beginning with Y that refer to all of these things.

It is important that we talk about the letter Y too because this will come in handy in understanding the reason behind the lack of nouns that start with Y. The dearth of nouns starting with Y is owing to the fact that Y, as a consonant, does not have a distinguishing sound when it appears at the start of a consonant cluster.

Almost half of the nouns that start with Y given in this article have either become obsolete and seldom in use or they have been borrowed from other languages. For example, “Yaqoot” is a Persian word which means a precious stone. Go through the list given below and find out how many of these nouns you are seeing for the first time.

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Nouns That Start with Y You Always Use

There are some nouns that start with Y that we use on a regular basis in our writings and day-to-day oral communications. These are some of those nouns.

1. Yesterday  

  • Definition: the day before today
  • Synonyms: last day, the previous day
  • Example: Yesterday was Tuesday.

 2. Year

  • Definition: a period of twelve months, especially from 1 January to 31 December
  • Synonyms: twelve-month period
  • Example: We went to Egypt on holiday last year.

3. Yell

  • Definition: scream or shout
  • Synonyms: cry, yelp
  • Example: I heard a yell and a heavy crunch as he fell to the floor.

4. Yacht

  • Definition: a boat with sails and sometimes an engine, used for either racing or travelling on for pleasure
  • Synonyms: boat
  • Example: He spent three days adrift on his yacht.

5. Yolk

  • Definition: the yellow, middle part of an egg
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: I like eggs lightly cooked so that the yolk is still runny.

6. Yogurt

  • Definition: a slightly sour, thick liquid made from milk with bacteria added to it, sometimes eaten plain and sometimes with sugar, fruit
  • Synonyms: curd
  • Example: All I had for lunch was a yogurt.

7. Yelp

  • Definition: a sudden, short, high sound, like that made by a person or animal in pain
  • Synonyms: howl, cry
  • Example: Feeling something sting her cheek, she stifled a yelp.

8. Yellow

  • Definition: a color like that of a lemon or gold or the sun
  • Synonyms: yellow pigment, yellowness
  • Example: You should wear more yellow – it suits you.

9. Yield

  • Definition: an amount of something positive, such as food or profit, that is produced or supplied:
  • Synonyms: profit, return
  • Example: Crop yields have risen steadily.

10. Yard

  • Definition: a unit of measurement equal to three feet or approximately 91.4 centimeters
  • Synonyms: length
  • Example: A yard is equal to 3 feet.

Nouns That Start with Y You Usually Use

Following is a list of nouns starting with Y that we usually use in our daily life routine. Maximum effort is required on your part in learning these nouns.

1. Yoga

  • Definition: a set of physical and mental exercises, originally from India, intended to give control over the body and mind
  • Synonyms: exercise, workout
  • Example: I do yoga every morning.

2. Yeast

  • Definition: a type of fungus that is used in making alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine, and for making bread swell and become light
  • Synonyms: froth, foam, catalyst
  • Example: Put yeast and beer traps out at the side of the gardens.

3. Yam

  • Definition: a potato-like root from a tropical climbing plant that can be eaten, or the plant it grows from
  • Synonyms: sweet potato, spud
  • Example: Chinese yam is rich in high nutrition.

4. Yank

  • Definition: a quick forceful pull of something
  • Synonyms: jerk, pull
  • Example: Give the door a yank and it should open.

5. Yap

  • Definition: a quick sharp bark
  • Synonyms: chatter, yelp
  • Example: The puppy gave a yap.

6. Yoke

  • Definition: a wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to the plough or cart that they are to pull
  • Synonyms: harness, color
  • Example: I borrowed a yoke of oxen and plowed an adjoining field.

7. Yowl

  • Definition: a long, high, unhappy cry, usually made by an animal that is hurt or fighting
  • Synonyms: howling, wailing
  • Example: As he lifted her damaged leg the dog let out a fierce yowl.

8. Yawn     

  • Definition: an act of yawning
  • Synonyms: doze, gape
  • Example: Her eyes watered as she tried to stifle a yawn.

9. Yak

  • Definition: a type of cattle with long hair and long horns, found mainly in Tibet
  • Synonyms: oxen, cattle    
  • Example: Yak has very long hair.

10. Y-axis

  • Definition: the vertical line of figures along the side of a graph
  • Synonyms: y-plane, vertical axis
  • Example: Annual profits over the last 10 years are plotted on the y-axis.

Nouns That Start with Y You Often Use

Following is a list of nouns beginning with Y. Try to enlarge this list of nouns that begin with the letter Y by yourself through the addition of new nouns to it.

1. Yachting

  • Definition: the act of sailing on a yacht
  • Synonyms: boating, sailing
  • Example: Nothing can beat yachting as a sport.

2. Yearbook

  • Definition: a book published every year by an organization that gives information about the events and achievements of the previous year
  • Synonyms: almanac, class book
  • Example: The ILO’s yearbook of statistics shows that Americans are overworked by international standards.

3. Yuck

  • Definition: an expression of disgust
  • Synonyms: disapproval, dislike
  • Example: Yuck, what a horrible smell!

4. Yeti

  • Definition: an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia
  • Synonyms: snowman, Meh-Teh
  • Example: We once organized an expedition to find the yeti.

5. Yen

  • Definition: the standard unit of money used in Japan
  • Synonyms: currency, money
  • Example: She earns 400,000 yen a month as an English teacher in Tokyo.

6. Yttrium

  • Definition: the chemical element of atomic number 39, a greyish-white metal generally included among the rare earth elements
  • Synonyms: metal
  • Example: Yttrium is found in the same ores as elements of the lanthanide series.

7. Yerevan

  • Definition: the capital and largest city of Armenia and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Ankara and Yerevan have no diplomatic ties.

8. Yadda

  • Definition: something that is said or written without giving the actual words
  • Synonyms: gibberish, nonsense
  • Example: Yadda, yadda, enough with the sales pitch and on to the point.

9. Yaul

  • Definition: a fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel with two masts, main and mizzen
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Yaul is usually rowed by four or six oars.

10. Yaw

  • Definition: slight movement of an aircraft or ship, to the side of its intended direction
  • Synonyms: swerve, turn
  • Example: The rudder is a vertical flap on the tail that controls yaw.

Nouns That Start with Y You Sometimes Use

Nouns are very important for language development. These are some of the nouns that start with the letter Y that are not used on a regular basis in our daily life routine.

1. Yuan

  • Definition: the standard unit of money used in the People’s Republic of China
  • Synonyms: currency, money
  • Example: These workers generate an annual income of 6,930,000 Yuan.

2. Yore

  • Definition: of a long time ago
  • Synonym: past, history
  • Example: This was once a Roman road in days of yore.

3. Yesteryear

  • Definition: a time in the past
  • Synonyms: last year
  • Example: The Hollywood stars of yesteryear were very great.

4. Yonder

  • Definition: the far distance
  • Synonyms: beyond, farther
  • Example: The bird was attempting to fly off into the wide blue yonder.

5. Yip

  • Definition: a short, sharp cry
  • Synonyms: cry, bark
  • Example: He gave a yip of dismay.

6. Yardage

  • Definition: a distance or length measured in yards
  • Synonyms: distance, length
  • Example: The caddie was working out yardages from tee to green.

7. Yachtsman

  • Definition: a person who sails yachts
  • Synonyms: sailor
  • Example: Brandon is an outstanding yachtsman.

8. Yazidi

  • Definition: a member of a Kurdish-speaking people living chiefly in Iraq, Syria, Armenia, and Georgia and adhering to an ancient monotheistic religion
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Many Yazidis have recently moved to villages further west.

9. Yemen

  • Definition: a country in the south and southwest of the Arabian peninsula
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Chandler is moving to Yemen.

10. Yorkshire

  • Definition: an area of northern England that includes the counties of North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, and West Yorkshire
  • Synonyms: northern England
  • Example: He was born in Bramhope, near Leeds in Yorkshire.

Nouns That Start with Y You Occasionally Use

Let’s now put before you a list of nouns with letter Y that is occasionally made use of in our speech and writing. Try and memorize as many of these as you can.

1. Yeoman

  • Definition: in the past, a man who was not a servant and who owned and cultivated area on land
  • Synonyms: assistant, attendant
  • Example: Her uncle spent two years on a warship as a yeoman.

2. Yiddish

  • Definition: a language used by Jewish people in central and eastern Europe before the Holocaust
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Faigele was his mum’s name in Yiddish.

3. Yieldance

  • Definition: the action of yielding
  • Synonyms: submission, surrender
  • Example: The terms of their yieldance are being decided.

4. Yoyo

  • Definition: a stupid, insane, or unpredictable person
  • Synonyms: fool
  • Example: Don’t argue with that yoyo.

5. Yokelet

  • Definition: a small farm, requiring only one yoke of oxen to till it
  • Synonyms: farm house
  • Example: Mike owns a little yokelet south of those hills.

6. Yorker

  • Definition: a ball bowled so that it pitches immediately under the bat
  • Synonyms: full delivery
  • Example: Anderson bowls a good Yorker.

7. Youpon

  • Definition: an evergreen shrub of the Holly family native to southeastern North America, which has a smooth elliptical leaves, white flowers, and lustrous red or yellow berries
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Michael is conducting his research on a youpon.

8. Yesman

  • Definition: a person who agrees with everything their employer, leader, etc. says in order to please them
  • Synonyms: flatterer
  • Example: I am not a yesman kind of a person.

9. Youngling

  • Definition: one that is young
  • Synonyms: kid
  • Example: She got tired of wrangling younglings.

10. Yakuza

  • Definition: a powerful Japanese criminal organization
  • Synonyms: mob, mafia
  • Example: Yakuza operate locally, but they need to expand overseas, which is hard because they’ve never tried to build relationships with other mafia organizations.

Nouns That Start with Y You Seldom Use

Following are some of the noun words that start with Y that are seldom used in talks and writings. Memorizing these noun words starting with Y will help you establishing an impressing aura for yourself.

1. Yeomanry

  • Definition: British volunteer cavalry force created from yeomen in 1761 as a home defense force and reorganized in 1907 as part of the territorial force
  • Synonyms: army, infantry
  • Example: Four troops of yeomanry were held in reserve in Luton but were not needed.

2. Yugoslav

  • Definition: a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia or its former constituent republics, or a person of Yugoslav descent.
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: My friend Emma is a Yugoslav.

3. Ytterbium

  • Definition: the chemical element of atomic number 70, a silvery-white metal of the lanthanide series
  • Synonyms: metal
  • Example: Ytterbium is found in minute quantity in the earth crust.

4. Yakin

  • Definition: a large Asiatic antelope (Budorcas taxicolor) native of the higher parts of the Himalayas and other lofty mountains
  • Synonyms: antelope
  • Example: The hunter disemboweled the Yakin.

5. Yokohama

  • Definition: a seaport on SE Honshu, in central Japan, on Tokyo Bay
  • Synonyms: seaport
  • Example: The shipment came direct from Yokohama.

6. Yarrow

  • Definition: a perennial plant with a strong smell and taste
  • Synonyms: plant
  • Example: Yarrow can be found growing wild in fields and on waste ground.

7. Yangon

  • Definition: the capital of the Yangon Region and the largest city of Myanmar (also known as Burma)
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Soon after Tuesday’s march ended, troops and riot police moved in to positions around Yangon.

8. Yokozuna

  • Definition: a grand champion sumo wrestler
  • Synonyms: wrestler
  • Example: An aura of dignity is as necessary for a yokozuna as strength and skill.

9. Yama

  • Definition: a Hindu and Buddhist deity of death, belonging to an early stratum of Vedic mythology
  • Synonyms: deity
  • Example: On hearing the cry of the Yama, the Tusita deities took up the cry.

10. Yunfu

  • Definition: a city in China formerly Romanized as Wanfow, and historically known as Dong’an
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Yunfu is a famous historical and cultural tourist attraction.

Positive Nouns That Start with Y

Do you want to get yourself acquainted with some mesmerizing nouns? Go through the list of positive nouns that start with Y, you will surely be filled with positive vibes.

1. Youth

  • Definition: the period of your life when you are young, or the state of being young
  • Synonyms: childhood
  • Example: I was a fairly good football player in my youth.

2. Yardstick

  • Definition: a fact or standard by which you can judge the success or value of something
  • Synonyms: standard, measure
  • Example: Durability is one yardstick of quality.

3. Yarn

  • Definition: thread used for making cloth or for knitting
  • Synonyms: fabric, thread
  • Example: The yarn is woven into a coarse fabric.

4. Yule

  • Definition: archaic term for Christmas.
  • Synonyms: Christmas
  • Example: Yule is the feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ.

5. Yes

  • Definition: a vote supporting a particular plan of action or a reply accepting an invitation
  • Synonyms: affirmation, assurance
  • Example: “Have you had any replies yet?” Six yeses and two noes so far.

6. Younker

  • Definition: a young man; a youngster
  • Synonyms: youngster
  • Example: Mike and James are younkers.

7. Youthfulness

  • Definition: the quality of being similar to or typical of young people
  • Synonyms: juvenescence, adolescence
  • Example His face retained a youthfulness while his wife’s had lost.

8. Yaqoot

  • Definition: a valuable stone
  • Synonyms: gem, stone
  • Example: His ring is made up of yaqoot.

9. Yodel

  • Definition: song or a part of a song that is yodeled
  • Synonyms: tune, track
  • Example: They are listening to the local yokel yodel.

10. Yearling

  • Definition: an animal (especially a sheep, calf, or foal) that is a year old or that is in its second year
  • Synonyms: toddler
  • Example: The bear weighed 226 kg and the yearling weighed only 23 kg.

Nouns That Start with Y to Describe a Person

Following is a list of nouns that start with Y to describe a person. Try and memorize as many of these Y nouns as possible.

1. Youngster

  • Definition: a young person, usually an older child
  • Synonyms: young adult, youth
  • Example: This scheme is for youngsters between the ages of ten and 16.

2. Yeller

  • Definition: one who utter a loud cry
  • Synonyms: screamer
  • Example: Send Chris Matthews and the big yellers out for quiet time.

3. Yachtswoman

  • Definition: a woman who sails yachts
  • Synonyms: sailor
  • Example: She became the fastest yachtswoman to circumnavigate the world.

4. Yogi

  • Definition: a person who has spent a lot of their life doing yoga and studying the philosophy of yoga
  • Synonyms: pandit, swami
  • Example: To the Yogi everything is bliss.

5. Yuppie

  • Definition: a young person who lives in a city, earns a lot of money, and spends it doing fashionable things and buying expensive possessions
  • Synonyms: social climber, self-made man
  • Example: They’re just a couple of yuppies with more money than sense.

6. Yokemate

  • Definition: a working companion
  • Synonyms: companion
  • Example: Samra is my yokemate.

7. Yankee

  • Definition: (used mainly in the South) an American who comes from the northern US
  • Synonyms: American
  • Example: Roger Clemens is a Yankee.

8. Yob

  • Definition: a young man who behaves in a very rude, offensive, and sometimes violent way
  • Synonyms: bully
  • Example: I didn’t know you were such a yob.

9. Yokel

  • Definition: a stupid or awkward person who lives in the countryside rather than a town, especially one whose appearance is in some way strange or humorous
  • Synonyms: countryman
  • Example: Jack is playing the country yokel in the butter ad. 

10. Yahoo

  • Definition: a rude, noisy, or violent person
  • Synonyms: bully, hooligan
  • Example: A bunch of yahoos were making noise outside.

Nouns That Start with Y – Full List (256 Words)

If you want to revise all the nouns that we have discussed so far and learn some more Y nouns, just go through the list of nouns that start with Y given below.

  • Yearbook
  • Yang
  • Yeshiva
  • Youngman
  • Yuletide
  • Yoit
  • Yolks
  • Yokemate
  • Yajur-Veda
  • Yestreen
  • Yellowwort
  • Yieldance
  • Yolk
  • Yachtswoman
  • Yaguarundi
  • Yug
  • Yugoslav
  • Yawl
  • Yellowroot
  • Youngth
  • Yo-Yo
  • Yore
  • Yoga
  • Yellowseed
  • Youpon
  • Yle
  • Yangon
  • Youze
  • Yaqoot
  • Yeah
  • Yttria
  • Yaup
  • Yestermorn
  • Yen
  • Yesterweek
  • Yield
  • Yohimbine
  • Yift
  • Yay
  • Yllanraton
  • Yawp
  • Yellowbird
  • Yorkshire
  • Yachtsman
  • Yapock
  • Yerd
  • Yip
  • Yacca
  • Yellowshins
  • Yobbo
  • Yellowbill
  • Yawn
  • Yoni
  • Youngling
  • Yard
  • Yowe
  • Yachter
  • Yoghourt
  • Yakamilk
  • Yew
  • Yellowlegs
  • Yob
  • Yerevan
  • Yojan
  • Yodel
  • Yupon
  • Yapon
  • Yacht
  • Yakoots
  • Yager
  • Yarded
  • Yttro-Columbite
  • Yamp
  • Yellowtail
  • Yaupon
  • Yghe
  • Yuan
  • Yaws
  • Yachtel
  • Yumas
  • Yellowfish
  • Yellowthroat
  • Ya
  • Yodler
  • Yakuza
  • Yestereve
  • Yite
  • Yenite
  • Ytterbium
  • Yazidi
  • Yokel
  • Yardsticks
  • Yachtman
  • Yellowwood
  • Yesterday 
  • Yokeage
  • Yeomen
  • Yardwand
  • Yankee-Doodle
  • Younker
  • Yak
  • Yogi
  • Yelper
  • Yardland
  • Young
  • Yux
  • Yuck
  • Yankee
  • Yarnut
  • Yoncopin
  • Yelp
  • Yachting
  • Yare
  • Ye
  • Youth
  • Yardage
  • Yeldrin
  • Yis
  • Yolkless
  • Yaksha
  • Yauper
  • Yowl
  • Yodle
  • Yid
  • Yankees
  • Yank
  • Yamma
  • Yonker
  • Yardarm
  • Yemen
  • Yesman
  • Yarn
  • Yuk
  • Yesternight
  • Yule
  • Yest
  • Ynambu
  • Yumminess
  • Yernut
  • Yeller
  • Yezidee
  • Yadda
  • Yes
  • Yearend
  • Yens
  • Yoyos
  • Yama
  • Yarwhip
  • Yowley
  • Yarmulka
  • Yacare
  • Yahoo
  • Yap
  • Yellowfin
  • Yo
  • Yttro-Cerite
  • Yaw-Weed
  • Yeel
  • Yaul
  • Yulan
  • Youngness
  • Yren
  • Yiddish
  • Yezdi
  • Yttrium
  • Yarke
  • Yezidi
  • Yaffingale
  • Yellow-Golds
  • Yearnings
  • Yet
  • Youthhood
  • Yearlings
  • Yockel
  • Yawd
  • Yeara
  • Yarrow
  • Y-Axis
  • Yearling
  • Yokohama
  • Yardstick
  • Yoghurt
  • Yachtsmen
  • Yaffle
  • Yuga
  • Yow
  • Youngster
  • Yeast
  • Ypocras
  • Yerk
  • Yoyo
  • Yeve
  • Yeldhall
  • Yokefellow
  • Yellowtop
  • Yalah
  • Yogurt
  • Yaud
  • Yi
  • Yunfu
  • Yes-Man
  • Yufts
  • Yuen
  • Yoke
  • Yellowammer
  • Yeomanry
  • Yate
  • Yearth
  • Yuckel
  • Yonder
  • Yellow
  • Yolky
  • Yeti
  • Yellowshanks
  • Yokozuna
  • Yaourt
  • Yttro-Tantalite
  • Yashmak
  • Yuppies
  • Yataghan
  • Yankeeism
  • Yakin
  • Yesteryear
  • Yin
  • Ygdrasyl
  • Yeshivah
  • Yesternoon
  • Yerba
  • Yapok
  • Yam
  • Yardages
  • Yucca
  • Yuppy
  • Yelk
  • Yunx
  • Youthfulness
  • Yurt
  • Yell
  • Yu
  • Year
  • Yakare
  • Yellows
  • Yokels
  • Yellowhammer
  • Yorker
  • Yeman
  • Yuppie
  • Yellowness
  • Yardful
  • Yeastiness
  • Yokelet
  • Yeldrine
  • Yeoman
  • Yogis
  • Youngger
  • Yaw

Final Thoughts on Nouns That Start with Y

Thank you for reading this article on nouns that start with Y with so much interest. It is hoped that you have found what you have been looking for. Our whole lives would have got stuck if there were no nouns because without them we wouldn’t have been able to communicate.

Although nouns starting with Y are not commonly encountered in our speech and writing yet they are as important as the other nouns.

The list of nouns beginning with Y that we have shared with you is a unique one that you won’t find elsewhere. At the same time, it requires a lot of effort from your side to memorize all the nouns included in this list. Therefore you must put in your best efforts in learning as many of these nouns that start with Y as possible.