What Swimsuits Are in Style in 2022?


Looking to hit the beach this summer, but not sure what the swimsuit trends will be in 2022? Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in the swimsuit stores all summer long. These plus-size swimsuits styles are sure to have broad appeal, so be sure to bookmark this article and refer back as you shop!


It’s easy to see that colors are having a moment right now. Whether it’s red, orange, yellow, or blue, color always makes a statement. This year’s colors are projected to be at an all-time high when it comes to swimwear trends and colors. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, pinks (especially fuschia), emerald green, yellow, and orange are all having a very big moment.


Fashionable swimwear in 2022 will start getting even more exciting than what we’ve seen recently. If you look at some of today’s popular swimwear trends, such as animal prints and low-cut necklines, you can see that swimwear is already getting sexier. However, as each year passes and culture evolves with it, so does fashion; soon swimwear will include high-waisted styles to accentuate your waistline and cutouts that go all the way down to your belly button. Here are some details to look for:

  • Cut-outs. It looks like one popular style of bathing suit that disappeared for a few years is about to make a comeback. It’s called a cutout, and it’s just what it sounds like—a cutout detail in a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. It can be all over or in just one section.
  • One Shoulder. The one-shoulder strap on a one-piece swimsuit looks elegant, chic, and fashionable. The one-shoulder looks great when it’s accentuated by ruffles, color blocks, or ties.
  • Ribbed. More and more swimwear designers are playing with different textures and the ribbed material is giving the average swimsuit a run for its money. Another great detail about ribbed swimsuits is that it’s extremely stretchy.
  • Off-the-shoulder. Whether it’s a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, the off-shoulder top allows you to show more skin. Look for a tie feature so that you’re able to secure your bust.
  • V neck. If you don’t feel secure in an off-the-shoulder top, a V neck plunge is another great way to show skin with a little more support.


Some of the hottest prints for this summer include color blocks and two-tone. The brighter the hues, the better! Florals are also in the chat as well as tropical prints. Let’s not forget the classic animal print such as the snake and tiger print.


There are a few styles of swimwear that are trendy today. We can expect to see these styles stick around for another decade. It might be worth considering what could be popular for 2022 when you buy your swimsuit now. The most popular style is one-piece suits, as well as braided bottoms and tops. Low-cut tops are also extremely popular right now with high waist bottoms so it would be wise to think about getting yourself a bikini or tankini set if you want a suit that will last more than just one season.


If you’re looking for flattering and fashionable swimwear, consider one of these stylish, bathing suits. Whether it’s your first time buying a swimsuit or you’re an old pro, there are all sorts of styles available to suit every body type.