Do You Have a Seasonal Style Icon?

See Anna Jane Fall Style

Do you have seasonal style icons? I certainly do. Not so much for summer (unless Sienna Miller circa 2004 counts), because it’s the season in which I feel the most “me”. But, come autumn/winter I always lose my style mojo and have to search for daily outfit inspiration.

My Autumn/Winter Style Icon

My current autumn/winter style icon is Chicago-based fashion blogger Anna Jane Wisniewski (Instagram handle @seeannajane). I like Anna’s spring/summer style too, but it’s during the colder months that I dream of replicating each and every outfit she shares.

And, as autumn inches closer, I’ve started looking back through Anna’s blog archives and Instagram feed to get my wardrobe ready. I always dread the arrival of A/W, but this year I’m trying to be more optimistic about the change in seasons, and line up a few dreamy fall outfits in advance.

Image above: Anna Jane styles a teddy coat

See Anna Jane Style

Above: Anna Jane’s preppy grey look

How to find your seasonal style icon

I personally think the trick to finding a seasonal style icon is searching for someone who lives in a similar climate. There are loads of fashion bloggers that I admire in California and Texas, but between November and March their posts are completely irrelevant to me, because they have such mild winters. If I replicated any of their winter outfits in London, I’d certainly be inviting a case of frostbite!

So, rule number one is to find someone who is dressing for similar temperatures and weather conditions.

Rule number two is to pinpoint someone who builds the majority of their outfits around your favourite hero pieces. Like me, Anna Jane Wisniewski loves skinny jeans, suede ankle boots, midi skirts and cream knitwear.

These similarities are helpful because it means you already have the foundations in place to recreate a wide selection of their outfits.

It might also be helpful to find a seasonal style icon with a similar figure, or similar colouring, to you. I don’t think this is essential. But if you’re not super-confident about playing with print/colour, or experimenting with new shapes and proportions, it might prove helpful to see someone who looks like you styling more daring pieces.

Anna Jane Puffa Jacket

Anna Jane even makes puffa jackets look chic!

Do you have seasonal style icons? Who will you be looking to for outfit ideas this autumn/winter?

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