Which Designer Handbags Do You Still Dream of Owning?

Carrie Bradshaw Fendi Baguette Designer Handbags

Vogue.com did a great feature in January called The It Bag Hall of Fame which charted the history of must-have handbags, starting with the Hermès Kelly, which was launched in 1935, and travelling right up to 2009’s Mulberry Alexa. It got me thinking about designer handbags and the act of coveting a particular “on trend” style, which doesn’t seem to be that prevalent in fashion anymore.

The Balenciaga City (launched in 2000) was the first handbag I ever lusted after, followed swiftly by my uncontrollable desire for the Chloé Paddington (2004). Then came the Marc Jaocobs Stam bag (2005), the Proenza Schouler PS1 (2008), and the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (2011). The Pashli is the only style from this list I actually own, and although I still think it’s a work of perfection I never use it, because it’s so heavy.


Dakota Johnson carrying the Chanel Boy bag

Now, four years on from Pashli-mania, I’m no longer that interested in It bags and don’t pay attention to what celebrities are toting around LA. However, like all self-respecting fashion-fanatics I still have a Handbag Hit List. Sort of like a freebie five, the Handbag Hit List is a rundown of all the designer bags you’d buy if money were no object. At the moment my list looks like this:

– The Chanel 2.55
– The Hermès Birkin
– The Chanel Boy
– The Fendi Baguette
– The Balenciaga City

As you can see, I’m now more interested in classic styles that retain most of their value, rather than super-trendy buys. What about you? Leave a comment below or tweet me at @cocosteaparty using #HandbagHitList to let me know which designs – classic or new – are currently on your Handbag Hit List.

Dakota Johnson image courtesy of Chanel



  1. parkncube says:

    Hermes Constance still for me 😛

  2. Lola Byatt says:

    i love the chanel boy and considered saving for the wallet on chain. that’s as far as my money will stretch!

  3. So lovely to dream about owning these bags! I’d love the Chanel Boy bag and a Birkin!! xxxx

  4. Geneva says:

    In my teens I went through a crazy Coach phase. Luckily the only one I ever managed to get my hands on was a classic black leather crossbody. I found it rather boring at the time (it was a gift), but I look back on what I liked from Coach 10 years ago and they’re all loud, ostentatious, and ugly with the benefit of hindsight! I definitely dodged a bullet in terms of long-term handbag investment.

    The Geneva Convention

  5. DreamInLace says:

    Definitely agree on the Chanel Boy bag. If only good bags weren’t so expensive *weeps over my bank statement*

  6. I like Red One Amazing Its Really Dream I love Fashion

  7. Kat says:

    I had wanted the Chanel Timeless classic black double flap with gold hardware since I was around 14 years old. I saved and saved and saved and last year I finally bought one! Bar a house this will probably be the most expensive but the most beautiful thing I will ever buy!

  8. Oh yes, the 2.55 is on my list too (but it’ll NEVER happen)!

    Becky :: accooohtrements.wordpress.com

  9. Singingwoods says:

    Of the celebrities who regularly wear majorly lust-worthy designer totes, there are a select 10 we’ve noticed have particularly strong purse game. LuxuryBrands-Outlet

  10. Winnie_dc says:

    I’ve been thinking about this. I have the Mini Pashli which is great and I use it a lot and I love some of the trendy bags out at the moment but I’d definitely opt for a classic. Maybe the Chanel 2.55, maybe a classic YSL at some point. The Hermes bags are beautiful but I couldn’t even imagine owning one! That money could definitely go towards a house deposit (thinking like an adult for once!).


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