The Perks and Pitfalls of Living Alone

What It's Like to Live Alone

It’s now been over six months since I moved into my apartment, and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. Initially I was nervous about living alone, and worried I would find it isolating (especially as I work from home too). But, honestly, I absolutely love it!

Many of you have asked me to write about my experience living solo. And as I’ve now spent a decent chunk of time in my “bachelorette pad” – as Monica calls it – I felt it was the right moment to share exactly what it’s like to live alone. So here are all of the perks and pitfalls that I’ve discovered, so far…

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The Perks of Living Alone

You have full control of the TV remote. Which means if you want to watch back-to-back reruns of Grey’s Anatomy every single evening for an entire week that’s totally cool. The same goes for a Sunday night screening of Legally Blonde. No one is around to judge your TV-viewing habits, and you never have to sit through something that’s not your cup of tea.

You can invite friends over whenever you feel like it. And you don’t have to check that it’s okay with your partner or housemates first. This means impromptu weeknight dinner parties with friends are a regular occurrence.

You can decorate exactly as you please. Over the years I’ve witnessed many of my friends bickering with their boyfriends/housemates about wall colours and furniture designs. But one of the best things about living alone is you’re in control of every single decor decision. There are no compromises! I purchased a peachy-pink velvet bed frame when I moved into my apartment, because it might be the last chance I get to pick out a bed without a man’s opinion.

You get every shelf in the bathroom. Sharing is caring – except when it comes shelf space!

You start to value time with friends and family more. Since I began living alone I’ve found that I’m much less distracted by my phone when I’m with friends and family. I no longer take company for granted, and I’m mindful about staying present in the moment and fully connecting with the person in front of me.

You develop a deeper sense of confidence. Knowing that your day-to-day existence isn’t dependent on anyone else is really liberating. You discover you’re far more capable than you first expected, and can walk through life with the ease of knowing you’ll always be able to take care of yourself – whatever your living situation.

Perks of Living Alone

The Pitfalls of Living Alone

It’s always your turn to put the bins out. Which is mostly okay, until you’re coming home late at night and just want to take your makeup off and go to bed, but first have to deal with the week’s garbage and recycling.

There’s no one to split the bills with. Which means you’ve always got to be on top of your finances and stick to a strict budget. Sometimes it can feel like a lot of pressure, but if you fall into a good routine things generally run smoothly.

You sometimes get bored of your own company. And you will definitely start talking to yourself! I rarely feel lonely, but there are the occasional evenings when you’re scrolling through Instagram and it looks like everyone is having a great time but you. So be prepared to get the odd pang of FOMO.

And, finally… When the toilet wakes you up at 2am because it’s making crazy noises and sounds like it’s about to overflow (true story), there’s no one to turn to and say, “What the f**k is going on?!”

Do you live alone? Or are you thinking about going solo for a period of time? I’d love to get your thoughts on what it’s like to live alone, so please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below…

Style Credits: Lace dress by Karen Millen (now on sale) – gifted | Velvet flats by L.K. Bennett – gifted

Photos by Lydia Collins


  1. Sharni says:

    There are so many positives to living alone, but I definitely acknowledge the negatives too. I think everyone living alone needs to make the absolute most of it because you never know – it might be the last time you’ll ever have a place completely to yourself! I love my partner, but sometimes I don’t like living with a boyyyyyyyy! 🙁 Hahahah

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Haha! I actually can’t imagine living with a boy. Hopefully one day, but it must get SERIOUSLY annoying haha. xxx

  2. M says:

    I have got some more. You know that those leftovers that you left in the fridge will always be there (which also means they will always be there if you forget about them and they start getting moldy).
    And if you want to eat ice cream for dinner in your underwear there is absolutely no one there to judge you.

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Haha! YES to the leftovers! That is such a good one – can’t believe I missed it off the list. xxx

  3. Oh I wholeheartedly agree with this entire list Ella! I lived alone (abroad!) for 2 years and found it to be the most inspiring and rewarding experience. You feel so empowered for having to open jars, fix lights and sort out odds and ends on your own, and it’s so much fun having complete freedom over your own space. Plus, like ‘M’ rightly said: eating ice-cream in your underwear while watching your favourite film is a perk like no other! x

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      I’m so please this piece resonated with you, Michelle. And it’s great to hear from someone else who lives alone. I have yet to try the ice cream in my underwear thing, but am sure this summer will call for that haha x

  4. First of all, I love your dress. Then, I guess you’re not afraid of spiders and bugs in general! But the noisy toilet sounds scary, too!


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