195 Verbs That Start with F | Huge List with Definitions and Examples


While in English literature verbs that start with F are exercised in syntax to convey action, state, or occurrence, numerous other languages also use them to encode tense, aspect, mood, and voice. Moreover, these verbs that begin with F are essential for language development in children since they are more abstract as compared to nouns.

This is just the tip of the ice burg when mentioning the extensive application of verbs that start with F. Different investigations have yielded different pivotal success factors of any given business but the prerequisite of implementing these factors is effective and emphatic communication skills. In a similar vein, healthy relationships also require honest and compelling communication.

But it’s only through actions that you can realize your aspiration of developing a robust lexicon of adjectives, nouns, positive words, and verbs that start with F and other letters. And when practicing these verbs take short but steady steps since long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity. So, let’s begin this journey of infinite words with actions words starting with F.

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Verbs That Start with F You Always Use

Let’s break the ice with words that will juice up your statements and will make them look more professional and detailed. Chances are you already utilize these verbs that start with F in your discussions.

1. Fail

  • Definition: not being able to achieve one’s goal or be unsuccessful
  • Synonyms: be unsuccessful in, not pass
  • Example: He failed to understand anything about them.

2. Faint

  • Definition: to become unconscious due to some traumatic event
  • Synonyms: unconscious, pass out, black out, collapse
  • Example: He fainted at the sight of blood.

3. Fall

  • Definition: to move from a higher level to a lower one without control
  • Synonyms: drop, drop down, plummet, descend
  • Example: He tripped and fell down the stairs.

4. Fasten

  • Definition: to secure or close something
  • Synonyms: bolt, lock, secure, make secure
  • Example: They fastened their seatbelts.

5. Fear

  • Definition: being afraid of or having unpleasant emotion towards a threat or danger
  • Synonyms: terror, fright, fearfulness, horror
  • Example: A good anvil does not fear the hammer.

6. Feature

  • Definition: having or possessing a distinctive attribute or aspect
  • Synonyms: characteristic, attribute, quality, property
  • Example: This hotel features a large lounge, a sauna, a gym, and a swimming pool as well.

7. Feed

  • Definition: to give or provide someone with food
  • Synonyms: give food to, provide food for, provide for, cater for
  • Example: The kids love feeding bread to the ducks.

8. Feel

  • Definition: being aware of something through the sense of touch
  • Synonyms: perceive, sense, detect, discern
  • Example: The cool breeze feels nice.

9. Fight

  • Definition: to take part in a violent struggle or brawl involving the exchange of physical force or weapons
  • Synonyms: violent, combative, aggressive, pugnacious
  • Example: People often must fight for their liberty.

10. Frank

  • Definition: to mark the stamps so they can’t be reused or an envelope or package to confirm the postal payment
  • Synonyms: marked, cleared
  • Example: Senators can also send franked mail.

Verbs That Start with F You Usually Use

Another crucial rule to keep in mind when manipulating these verbs starting with F is to use their correct form otherwise the whole sentence structure will become inconsistent.

1. File

  • Definition: to place or arrange the objects or documents in a box or a folder
  • Synonyms: categories, classify, order, organize
  • Example: Please file those letters in a drawer.

2. Filter

  • Definition: to pass a liquid or a gaseous substance through a device to separate and remove harmful objects
  • Synonyms: sieve, strain, filtrate, purify, clear
  • Example: He filtered out all the dirt from the water.

3. Find

  • Definition: to discover or to stumble upon something by chance
  • Synonyms: discover, become aware, realize, observe
  • Example: I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find the map.

4. Fix

  • Definition: to secure something or fasten it in a particular place
  • Synonyms: fasten, attach, affix, secure stick
  • Example: Can you fix this light in front of my bicycle?

5. Flavor

  • Definition: to add a particular ingredient to enhance the taste of a dish
  • Synonyms: add flavor to, spice up, season
  • Example: She fried some chunks of chicken flavored with herbs.

6. Flee

  • Definition: to run away from a place of danger or a risky situation
  • Synonyms: run, run away, run off, make a run for it
  • Example: He was caught trying to flee the country.

7. Flourish

  • Definition: to grow or develop properly in a healthy way, especially in a particularly congenial environment
  • Synonyms: grow, thrive, prosper, do well
  • Example: Plants that flourish on the bank of the river are wild.

8. Fly

  • Definition: take flight or move through the air
  • Synonyms: travel through the air, wing its way, wing, glide
  • Example: I’ll fly to London tomorrow.

9. Freeze

  • Definition: to turn into ice or another solid due to extremely low temperature or cold
  • Synonyms: turn into ice, ice up, solidify, harden
  • Example: I’ll freeze any leftover food.

10. Fuel

  • Definition: to supply energy or power to a machine or a vehicle with fuel
  • Synonyms: power, charge, fire, stroke up
  • Example: This vehicle is fueled by CNG instead of petrol.

Verbs That Start with F You Often Use

Verbs have the power to induce actions and stir emotions in your target audience. So, avail yourself of these verbs beginning with F and share your ideas with the whole world.

1. Fantasize

  • Definition: to indulge in daydreaming about something that the person desires
  • Synonyms: daydream, dream, muse, indulge in fantasy
  • Example: He liked to fantasize that he had won a gold medal.

2. Fetch

  • Definition: to go looking for and then bring back for someone else
  • Synonyms: get, go and get, go for, call for
  • Example: Quick! Go and fetch a doctor.

3. Finalize

  • Definition: to complete or agree on a finished version of a work or job done
  • Synonyms: conclude, complete, bring to a conclusion, clinch, settle
  • Example: They met to finalize the terms of the treaty.

4. Finish

  • Definition: to complete a task or bring it to an end
  • Synonyms: completed, concluded, consummated, finalized
  • Example: He is anxious to finish the job.

5. Flap

  • Definition: to wave something, especially wings when or as if flying
  • Synonyms: beat, flutter, move up and down, agitate
  • Example: A small bird flapped its wings furiously and flew off.

6. Flash

  • Definition: a light shine in a bright but brief or sudden way
  • Synonyms: light up, shine, flare, blaze
  • Example: Lighthouse and beacons flash at night.

7. Flatter

  • Definition: to lavishly praise and compliments someone to please him/her to furthering one’s interests
  • Synonyms: compliment, praise, commend, admire
  • Example: If you flatter your mother a bit, she might invite us all to dinner.

8. Flip

  • Definition: to turn over with a sudden quick movement, like tossing a coin
  • Synonyms: overturn, turn over, tip over, rollover
  • Example: The brakes failed and the train flipped over.

9. Fold

  • Definition: to bend something flexible over on itself in a way that one part of it covers another
  • Synonyms: double, double over, double up, crease
  • Example: Fold the paper along the dotted line.

10. Frown

  • Definition: to furrow or bring together one’s brows in an expression indicating disapproval or one’s concentration
  • Synonyms: scowl, glower, glare
  • Example: Don’t frown at me like that.

Verbs That Start with F You Sometimes Use

When employing these verbs starting with letter F, make sure they are aimed towards providing the solution or information they were looking for in the simplest way possible.

1. Fatten

  • Definition: to cause something to become level
  • Synonyms: make fat, make fatter, feed up, feed
  • Example: The biscuits will flatten out as they cook.

2. Fabricate

  • Definition: to produce something false to betray someone
  • Synonyms: forge, falsify, fake, counterfeit, makeup
  • Example: He claims that the police fabricated evidence against him.

3. Fade

  • Definition: something that gradually gets weaker/lighter and disappears
  • Synonyms: dim, grow dim, grow faint, grow feeble
  • Example: The voice on the radio faded out.

4. Falter

  • Definition: to lose strength or almost stop
  • Synonyms: hesitate, delay, drag one’s feet, stall
  • Example: Nickie’s voice faltered and he stopped speaking.

5. Fascinate

  • Definition: to entice the strong attention of someone
  • Synonyms: engross, captivate, absorb
  • Example: I’ve always been fascinated by technological advancements in computer science.

6. Fidget

  • Definition: make movements of the hands and feet, through nervousness
  • Synonyms: move restlessly, wriggle
  • Example: The audience began to fidget and whisper.

7. Flake

  • Definition: fall away from a surface in the form of flakes
  • Synonyms: come off, peel off, chip
  • Example: This weather paint has been flaking off for years.

8. Fluff

  • Definition: to fail something badly
  • Synonyms: screw up, mess up, bungle
  • Example: I fluffed my driving test three times before I finally got it.

9. Flush

  • Definition: to become red and hot, as the result of strong emotion
  • Synonyms: red, pink, ruddy, glowing, reddish
  • Example: The champagne had caused his face to flush.

10. Foam

  • Definition: to generate a mass of small bubbles
  • Synonyms: cream, bubble, fizz
  • Example: The suds in the sink foamed up when she added hot water.

Verbs That Start with F You Occasionally Use

In order to craft appealing and captivating statements to hook your viewers, you must make these verb words that start with F an integral part of your style. You will learn something new from this section.

1. Flutter

  • Definition: birds that fly unsteadily or hover by flapping the wings quickly and lightly
  • Synonyms: flit, hover, flitter, dance
  • Example: A couple of butterflies fluttered around the garden.

2. Flit

  • Definition: proceed swiftly and lightly
  • Synonyms: dart, dance, skip
  • Example: In the fading light we saw bats flitting around in the garden.

3. Ferry

  • Definition: to transport people or goods in a vehicle, especially regularly and often
  • Synonyms: transport, convey, carry
  • Example: I spend most of my time ferrying the children around.

4. Fete

  • Definition: to welcome someone publicly due to their achievements
  • Synonyms: celebrate, honor, recognize
  • Example: She was feted by audiences both in her own country and abroad.

5. Fizzle

  • Definition: to produce a constant and feeble hissing sound
  • Synonyms: crackle, sputter, buzz, hiss, crack
  • Example: The fire fizzled miserably in the rain.

6. Flail

  • Definition: wave or swing wildly
  • Synonyms: wave, swing, thrash about, flap about
  • Example: He flailed his arms to maintain his balance.

7. Flaunt

  • Definition: to display something especially to provoke envy
  • Synonyms: show off, display ostentatiously, draw attention to
  • Example: Flavio was flaunting his tan in a pair of white trunks.

8. Fan

  • Definition: cool someone or something by waving an object to create a current of air
  • Synonyms: cool, air, blow
  • Example: He fanned himself with his notebook.

9. Flay

  • Definition: to whip a person or animal so hard that some of their skin comes off
  • Synonyms: excoriate, strip the skin off, skin
  • Example: The critics flayed his new book.

10. Flame

  • Definition: burn and give off flames
  • Synonyms: burn, blaze, catch fire
  • Example: The fire suddenly flamed up.

Verbs That Start with F You Seldom Use

This section is devoted to people who are hell-bent on going that extra mile. So, get ready since we’ll come across a lot of convoluted and perplexing action verbs starting with F.

1. Fiddle

  • Definition: touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way
  • Synonyms: fidget, play, toy, twiddle
  • Example: Put your papers down and stop fiddling with them!

2. Fib

  • Definition: to tell a lie that is harmless
  • Synonyms: pretend, kid, dissemble
  • Example: I can tell he’s fibbing because he’s smiling!

3. Formulate

  • Definition: to express (an idea or concept) in a concise or systematic way
  • Synonyms: express, articulate, utter
  • Example: We have got sufficient evidence to formulate this idea mathematically.

4. Faze

  • Definition: to surprise and worry someone
  • Synonyms: confuse, irritate, perplex
  • Example: No one is fazed by the sight of guns here anymore.

5. Forejudge

  • Definition: form a judgment on (an issue or person) prematurely and without adequate information
  • Synonyms: judge prematurely, anticipate
  • Example: No one should be forejudged.

6. Fizz

  • Definition: (of a liquid) produce bubbles of gas and make a hissing sound
  • Synonyms: sparkle, bubble, foam
  • Example: His lemonade was still fizzing at the top of the glass.

7. Fulgurate

  • Definition: destroy (small growths or areas of tissue) using diathermy
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: A high-frequency electric current is applied to fulgurate the biological tissue.

8. Flex

  • Definition: to tighten a muscle
  • Synonyms: bend, twist, curve
  • Example: He tried to impress me by flexing his huge muscles.

9. Fray

  • Definition: to cause the threads in rope to become slightly separated forming loose threads at the edge
  • Synonyms: unravel, wear, wear out
  • Example: I frayed the edges of my jeans since that was the fashion in those days.

10. Funk

  • Definition: to steer clear of something out of fear
  • Synonyms: avoid, dodge, duck
  • Example: We planned to meet in the cafeteria but I funked it.

Positive Verbs That Start with F

Positive verbs that start with F have infinite applications. We can use them to praise, encourage, motivate, congratulate someone, and much more. So, use these verbs to the best of your abilities to alter the tone of your communication.

1. Fate

  • Definition: be destined to happen or act in a specific way
  • Synonyms: be sure, be destined, be meant
  • Example: They were fated to be eternal rivals.

2. Foresee

  • Definition: to know about something beforehand; predict
  • Synonyms: anticipate, predict, expect
  • Example: We didn’t foresee any major problems regarding our project.

3. Flicker

  • Definition: to appear for a short time or to make a sudden movement
  • Synonyms: flutter, quiver, vibrate
  • Example: A smile flickered across her face.

4. Fancy

  • Definition: to want to have or do something
  • Synonyms: long for, yearn for, crave
  • Example: Do you fancy a drink this evening?

5. Favor

  • Definition: feel or show approval or preference for
  • Synonyms: support, back, recommend
  • Example: Democrats favored a temporary increase in the state sales tax.

6. Fine

  • Definition: make or become thinner
  • Synonyms: thin, narrow, taper
  • Example: She’d certainly fined down; her face was thinner.

7. Flower

  • Definition: to develop completely and become obvious
  • Synonyms: flourish, grow, prosper
  • Example: Her talent flowered during her later years.

8. Forgive

  • Definition: stop feeling resentful towards (someone) for an offense
  • Synonyms: pardon, excuse, exonerate, absolve, acquit, let off, grant an amnesty to, amnesty
  • Example: Forgiving others is the best to develop a deeper and stronger bond.

9. Fortify

  • Definition: to make something stronger, especially to protect it
  • Synonyms: build defenses round, strengthen with defensive works
  • Example: He fortified himself with a drink and a sandwich before driving on.

10. Fine-tune

  • Definition: to make very small changes to something to make it work as well as possible
  • Synonyms: refine, tweak, customize
  • Example: She spent hours fine-tuning her speech.

Verbs That Start with F to Describe a Person

More than often, we find ourselves short of words, to characterize someone based on his quirks. That’s why in this section we’ll learn verbs that start with F to describe a person. We believe these F verbs will make a great addition to your lexicon.

1. Focus

  • Definition: to give a lot of attention, time, energy, etc. to one group
  • Synonyms: concentrate, fix, center
  • Example: By the age of 30, he had decided to focus almost exclusively on corporate work.

2. Follow

  • Definition: to move behind someone or something and go where he, she, or it goes
  • Synonyms: come behind, come after, go behind, go after
  • Example: She did her own thing instead of following the crowd.

3. Fill

  • Definition: to make someone have a particular feeling
  • Synonyms: pack, jam, charge
  • Example: The thought of it fills me with dread.

4. Firm

  • Definition: to make soil harder by pressing on it
  • Synonyms: compress, condense, tamp
  • Example: Firm the soil around the cuttings and water them in.

5. Fit

  • Definition: to be suitable for something
  • Synonyms: appropriate
  • Example: With her qualifications, she should fit the job perfectly.

6. Forward

  • Definition: to aid in advancing something; promote
  • Synonyms: assist, aid, help
  • Example: The researchers are forwarding the development of biotech.

7. Friend

  • Definition: to invite someone to be your friend on a social networking website
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: I friended her and sent her a message.

8. Fulfill

  • Definition: achieve or realize (something desired, promised, or predicted)
  • Synonyms: attain, realize, manage
  • Example: He fulfilled his ambition to visit Disney land by working hard.

9. Fake

  • Definition: to pretend that you have a feeling of illness
  • Synonyms: falsify, sham, feign
  • Example: He isn’t crying, he’s just faking.

10. Fuss

  • Definition: to give too much attention to small matters that are not important, usually in a way that shows that you are worried and not relaxed
  • Synonyms: worry, fret, flap
  • Example: It irritates me the way she’s always fussing with her hair!

Verbs That Start with F – Full List (195 Words)

We’ve also put together a complete list of verbs that start with F to help you easily filter out the words that compliment your unique writing style.

  • Fly
  • Fascinate
  • Fissure
  • Forecast
  • Fabricate
  • Fail
  • Form
  • Fortify
  • Fetch
  • Flavour
  • Feast
  • Fit
  • Flounce
  • Fuss
  • Focus
  • Float
  • Fart
  • Foment
  • Flute
  • Flabberghast
  • Flour
  • Fulfill
  • Flatter
  • Funk
  • Foreshadow
  • Fluctuate
  • Freshen
  • Fence
  • Forestall
  • Frown
  • Flake
  • Front
  • Finger
  • Flick
  • Flinch
  • Fill
  • Flag
  • Forfend
  • Foreordain
  • Flare
  • Farm
  • Fatten
  • Forward
  • Fire
  • Fidget
  • Foster
  • Fulgurate
  • Fete
  • Fling
  • Forbid
  • Function
  • Fate
  • Feminize
  • Fancy
  • Feint
  • Fluff
  • Flip
  • Forebode
  • Flog
  • Force
  • Flood
  • Favour
  • Foil
  • Ferment
  • Flesh
  • Flatten
  • Fluidify
  • Forget
  • Frame
  • Fool
  • File
  • Frost
  • Fantasize
  • Flail
  • Foresee
  • Fulminate
  • Foam
  • Fuel
  • Flush
  • Fade
  • Fine
  • Fructify
  • Feed
  • Flame
  • Flank
  • Fiddle
  • Favor
  • Fawn
  • Filter
  • Foal
  • Forsake
  • Frizz
  • Freeze
  • Follow
  • Furrow
  • Foul
  • Fizzle
  • Fleece
  • Forgive
  • Fracture
  • Forejudge
  • Filch
  • Festoon
  • Flee
  • Flow
  • Froth
  • Fertilize
  • Flit
  • Ferry
  • Feel
  • Flutter
  • Fix
  • Fizz
  • Fossilize
  • Feign
  • Formalize
  • Fast
  • Fall
  • Flirt
  • Flounder
  • Fathom
  • Flout
  • Fish
  • Flavor
  • Falsify
  • Fray
  • Familiarize
  • Faint
  • Free
  • Fringe
  • Fine-tune
  • Fleck
  • Forfeit
  • Fear
  • Find
  • Forge
  • Fret
  • Flower
  • Formulate
  • Flourish
  • Fritter
  • Frill
  • Federate
  • Frighten
  • Feature
  • Found
  • Furl
  • Fend
  • Flex
  • Faze
  • Finalize
  • Fan
  • Film
  • Fulfil
  • Furnish
  • Fasten
  • Firm
  • Feather
  • Furbish
  • Fight
  • Frustrate
  • Friend
  • Facilitate
  • Ferret
  • Flap
  • Flash
  • Frank
  • Frequent
  • Fib
  • Finish
  • Frenchify
  • Foist
  • Freak
  • Fob
  • Fumigate
  • Face
  • Fork
  • Fondle
  • Fake
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Foliate
  • Frolic
  • Floor
  • Fumble
  • Filtch
  • Flay
  • Fume
  • Fry
  • Flaunt
  • Flicker
  • Figure
  • Falter
  • Fold
  • Fraternize

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with F

Familiarizing yourself with verbs that start with F was the first step, next is finding fresh and exotic ways to use these verbs in your daily life in order to broaden your horizons. These words are just like tools which mean they are as effective as their user.

But it doesn’t have to be all hard work, you can also institute different words games, readings habits, and applications to help you get in touch with these new verbs that start with F. All that we ask of you is to find ways to incorporate them in your routine.

We know that idea of incorporating all these verbs starting with F in your communication styles sounds more like a dream than reality, so it’s best that you filter out the verbs that begin with F which are most suited to your style.