9 Unique House Warming Gifts Under £30

House Warming Gift Ideas

Does it feel like every other weekend another one of your best friends moves into their first “adult” home? I’ve definitely reached the first home/engagement/wedding/baby stage of friendship, which is SO lovely – but, let’s face it, quite expensive!

Every week there’s another celebratory gift to purchase. And after a while it gets hard to keep thinking of fun, imaginative and thoughtful presents. Here I’ve handpicked 9 brilliant housewarming gift ideas that come in at a purse-friendly £30 or under (the cheapest product is £3!). So hopefully they’ll provide some inspiration, next time you’re stuck for ideas.

FYI: When I moved into my apartment last year I hated receiving flowers (as kind as the gesture was). I didn’t have enough vases, and the majority of my surface space was still covered in boxes. So I’d advise against sending flowers to anyone who has just moved.

9 Affordable Housewarming Gifts

House Warming Gifts
Date Night Fund
Housewarming Gifts Under £30

Olive Oil
Banana Tree
Stylish Housewarming Gifts

Kitchen Artwork
Affordable Housewarming Gifts
New Home Gifts

Which of these 9 unique housewarming gifts would you be most excited to receive? I love the palm tree tumblers and the date night fund money box (such a cute idea for couples moving in together)… 

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  1. When I moved into my new house I received lots of plants, unfortunately I don’t have green thumb, and those poor plants didn’t live for long, except for a very few, strong ones.
    Your ideas are all very nice, I would have appreciated tumblers, coffee, olive oil, instead of plants! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    These are such genuinely thoughtful gift ideas Ella! I remember when I moved in to my first place and just had mugs of flowers sat on the floor, as I didn’t have any furniture and there were no windowsills in the apartment. Things like tumblers, coffee and a grocery list notebook are SO useful for anybody yet to unpack ‘properly’!

    Michelle / Daisybutter

  3. Noemi says:

    These items are so pretty! The date night fund money box and the banana hook are my favorite ones.

  4. Charllotte says:

    Totally agreed! Most gifts I received when I moved in were flowers, lots of them. I didn’t have enough vases for those beautiful flowers so I need to get a bucket instead. I love your ideas. Really like the Kitchen Artwork and Date Night Fund.


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