How to Get a Restorative Sleep Every Single Night of the Week

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Sleep. It’s a magical thing, isn’t it? As I’ve got older I’ve learnt that I definitely need a solid eight hours, every night, to function at my best. So, I always make sleep a priority – even if that means skipping another episode of my favourite Netflix drama to get an early night.

Nothing feels better than a restorative night’s sleep. And, as well as making you feel great, it also helps you look fantastic! Have you ever wondered why Jennifer Lopez doesn’t appear to have aged a day since the late ’90s? Well, she famously gets at least eight hours of sleep every night. “That helps explain why she’s so beautiful,” her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, says.

So, we all know that we should be getting more sleep. That’s a given. But if you feel like making those eight hours extra restorative here are a few further tweaks you can make to your night-time routine. I think they’d all make J.Lo proud…

Olay Regenerist Overnight Firming Mask


I used to think that night creams were a gimmick created by the beauty industry to sell double the amount of products. But my beauty editor friends quickly informed me this was not the case.

Your skin naturally rejuvenates overnight, and night creams are specifically formulated to enhance this rejuvenation process. Plus, the majority of day creams apparently contain ingredients that shouldn’t be worn overnight (like SPF), because they don’t allow your skin to breathe. So night creams = a must!

I now use both a day and a night cream, to give my skin all of the protection it needs. And I’ve also just started using Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Overnight Miracle Firming Mask 2-3 times a week.

Olay’s overnight mask combines the benefits of a moisturiser and a rinse-off mask. It was designed to deliver a surge of moisture, and contains a whole host of active ingredients to help firm and plump the skin. Peptides help to stimulate collagen production. Green Tea Extract acts as an antioxidant. And Nicotinamide increases your skins responsiveness to anti-aging ingredients.

I apply a generous layer of the cream-mask in the evening (always double cleansing first). It’s really light and absorbs quickly, and you can sleep in it overnight. Perfect for those who hate thick and greasy night creams!

In the morning my skin feels nourished, super-soft and much plumper. (And, can we just take a second to acknowledge how funny the word “plump” sounds?). Definitely check out Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Overnight Miracle Firming Mask if you feel your skin could use an extra boost of rejuvenation, a few times a week!

Olay Overnight Firming Mask

Best Night Cream on a Budget
Olay Regenerist Overnight Firming Mask Review


A few months ago I met crystal healer Tamara Driessen, who opened my eyes to the power of crystals. I’m still very much a newbie, but am enjoying experimenting. And one thing I have started doing is sleeping with Amethyst under my pillow, every night.

According the website Crystal Vaults, “Place [Amethyst] under the pillow or mattress, or rub the center of the forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams. It is especially effective for children’s recurring nightmares and fears of the dark, and may help alleviate homesickness.”

I wasn’t sure how much I brought into this. But, as an experiment, I started sleeping with Amethyst under my pillow. And, low and behold, I now have really vivid, amazing dreams every single night.

This doesn’t necessarily make my sleep more restorative. But it has definitely made it more fun! Give it a try if you’ve got a piece of Amethyst at home…

Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep


And, finally, whether I get eight hours of sleep or not, I never feel properly rested and rejuvenated in the morning if I wake up to a messy bedroom.

I find that a messy home equates to a messy, unsettled mind. So I always make sure my bedroom is a tidy and inviting space.

When I moved into my apartment I invested in a beautiful velvet bed frame, a good-quality mattress, and luxurious bedding. And now my bed always feels like a relaxing haven. It truly makes a big difference, so I really recommend investing in the best bedding you can afford (or popping it on a Christmas or birthday list).

Also add small touches – like floral arrangements (whether real or artificial) – to make the space feel more joyful. These seem like small, insignificant things. But I truly believe that I sleep better when my bedroom feels calm and inviting.

Night Time Routine Cocos Tea Party

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What are your tips for getting a restorative night’s sleep? And are you looking forward to trying the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Overnight Miracle Firming Mask? Leave a comment below to have your say…

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  1. Beth Shankle Anderson says:

    Great article about restorative sleep, especially noting how our skin repairs itself at night. I’ve used Olay products since I was a young teen at the urging of my grandmother. She used Olay and had beautiful skin. I will definitely try the Olay Regenerist Mask because I already have several products from that line and would love to add another!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. Lovely tips 🙂 I’ve never tried Olay before but I definetly need to give this a go 🙂


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