The Weekend Reading List

The Weekend Reading List

I am soooo excited for this weekend, because I have next-to-no plans. Which feels like a real treat! I’m going to sleep in, do yoga classes, tidy my flat (which has been slightly chaotic for the past 10 days), read and generally be very, very lazy. It’s going to be amazing!

What do you have planned for the weekend ahead? If you’re also having a low-key one, and need some entertainment, here are all of the week’s top life and style stories to catch up on…


Is social media making you feel like a fraud?

Have you read your November horoscope yet? Here’s what to expect from the month ahead…

Jess Ann Kirby is SO good at creating capsule wardrobes, and her winter capsule wardrobe checklist just went live. Check it out for inspiration.

This roasted butternut squash with goat’s cheese, figs and pesto looks so good (and I famously hate goat’s cheese)!

I didn’t see this collaboration coming… Acne Studios and Mulberry have just teamed up for a special collection.

Instagram may be causing an increase in yoga injuries.

How to make reusable makeup wipes at home. I’m not really one for DIY projects, but I need to do this (plus, it looks nice and easy).

25 things more important than the number of likes you get on Instagram.

I love a good home tour, and this is probably my favourite in recent months. It manages to somehow look super-cosy, without being dark or cluttered.

Assumptions people will make about you when you become a mother.

This week we released two new episodes of Let’s Discuss. First up we chatted to Lizzie of Elizabeth Scarlett, about how she makes time for creativity in her busy schedule. And then we shared our first ever bonus pod, all about Monica’s wedding. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other big podcast platforms.


  1. Sandrine says:

    So happy Let’s Discuss is back, it was the dose of inspiration I needed this month xx



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