The Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List

Phew! It’s finally Friday. How has your week been? I’ve been riding the struggle bus a little bit, and am fighting off a cold. But I’m determined to power through – at least for the next 24 hours – because I’m going to see John Legend in concert tonight, which I’m so excited about. The rest of my weekend will be pretty low-key: yoga classes, reading, brunching, cleaning my flat etc, etc. What do you have planned?


The trailer for The Crown season 3 has been released. And it shows a mid-life crisis Queen.

Why are we so obsessed with true crime?

This instant pot mushroom wild rice soup looks like the perfect, cosy winter recipe.

15 things you should do instead of comparing yourself to others.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but I love the idea of hosting a Friendsgiving. And this post has given me lots of great ideas

Jennifer Lawrence is married to her “favourite person on the planet”.

“How having a side hustle made me better at my full-time job.”

A Cup of Jo’s Caroline Donofrio is one of my favourite writers, and I loved her essay this week that asked the question “What’s Your Sliding Doors moment?” This passage really jumped out at me:

“As a tarot card reader once told me, when I posed a question about my career, “The bus is definitely coming. The question is, will you get on it?” Is THIS the bus? Have I missed the bus? I’d wonder, at every proverbial turn. Now, I like to think that a bus is always coming, the doors constantly opening and closing before taking off in new directions. Life unfolds like a web, where different moments lead to different paths, all of them intersecting in ways we can’t always understand. Sometimes, the best we can do is wait for the next bus. Or train. Or job. Or whatever. And know that wherever it’s headed is going to be an adventure.”

How to use Instagram for travel ideas.

No idea what to dress as for Halloween? Here are 10 last-minute costume ideas.

How to care for your sweaters and knits at home, this autumn/winter.


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