The Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List 255

Who else is feeling super-autumnal this week? I’m really looking forward to the new season, and this week’s Reading List is packed with fall stories. From Jess Ann Kirby’s seasonal styling tips to the 10 upcoming movie releases worth getting excited about, there’s loads to keep you entertained, this weekend.

And if you’re searching for a great podcast download for the weekend, The Daily’s two-part series on Harvey Weinstein is a must-listen. The link is below, along with all of the week’s top life and style links…


We knew everything about the worst night of her life. Now Chanel Miller wants us to know her name. I cannot wait to read this memoir!

How to avoid money mistakes when you’re travelling.

12 questions to ask your significant other over dinner. I love this question: If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

Podcast recommendation: In this two-part series from The Daily, the New York Times reporters who broke the Harvey Weinstein story discuss new findings that raise questions about two feminist icons who got involved in the case. Listen to part one and part two here, or find on every podcast platform.

10 incredible movies you need to see, this autumn.

I loved reading about Emma’s styling appointment at Everlane. Have you ever attended an in-store styling appointment? It now seems like quite a good idea.

Hosting hack: How to gather friends without the stress.

“My fear of climate change is eroding my sanity!”

Audiobooks aren’t something I’ve really explored properly, in the past. But these tips for audiobook listening have made me keen to try it out. I might start with Michelle Obama’s memoir, which I read last year but am dying to revisit.

Good news: Your cat might actually care that you exist.

Struggling to find your focus, this month? These 4 TED talks will help you feel more productive.

Jess Ann Kirby shares her tips for styling fall accessories.


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