The Weekend Reading List (and End-of-Summer Break)

Weekend Reading List

What’s been on your mind, this week? I’ve been reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, after putting it off for months and months because I knew it was going to be upsetting; and I feel like I’ve been in a little bubble of fiction all week. I’ve almost come to the end (it’s 736 pages!), and I’m so pleased I finally made the time to read it. It’s such a powerful novel!

I’ve been determined to finish A Little Life within the space of a week, because I’m off to Menorca later this weekend, and it’s definitely not feel-good holiday reading. I won’t be posting to the blog next week, while I’m away, but I’ll still be sharing updates on Instagram So make sure you’re following @cocosteaparty!

Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you when I’m back…


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  1. Michelle says:

    Ooh I’ve been meaning to read A Little Life for ages! It’s such a long book though, that it’s daunting to take on. I’ve been attempting to read Shogun by James Clavell (1000+ pages) for almost a year! Have the loveliest time celebrating Monica’s wedding! x

  2. Well I don’t have any plan for this week yet but I am glad to know that you are about to finish your long book.By the way,Happy Journey.


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