The Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List 244

This week has gone by in a bit of a blur. I got sick with a stomach bug the day after I returned from Morocco. So I’ve spent most of the week napping, watching old episodes of The Office, and stressing about all of the work I’m falling behind on. No one likes being ill, but I’m a particularly bad patient, because I like to be busy and productive at all times.

And next week I begin jury duty. So I hope I feel well enough to get some work done this weekend – otherwise I’m going to fall really behind on my blog content schedule. Wish me luck…


Elizabeth Gilbert spoke to The Cut, this week, about grief, meditation and her writing process. It’s a lovely little interview, and I love this section where she talks about her female friendships:

“Around 9 a.m. the phone calls start, seeing how everyone survived the night. I’m very co-dependent with my friends. Usually someone is in a crisis, so we’ll all check in on each other via calls, text, WhatsApp. I have about ten women in my life who are my core, and it’s rare that a day would go by when I didn’t have an intimate conversation with at least one of them.”

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A Cup of Jo’s Caroline Donofrio is one of my favourite online writers, and I loved her piece this week about how life has continued to surprise her.

Have you tried batch working before? After reading this post on A Beautiful Mess I’m SO tempted to try it!

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I’m weirdly into bike shorts, at the moment. Would you wear this denim pair?

The most anticipated comedies of the summer have all been written and directed by women – and feature diverse casts! I’m SO excited to watch Always Be My Maybe, this weekend!


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