The Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List 243

This week marked the start of Gemini season – so happy birthday to any Geminis out there! I’m currently in Morocco, so haven’t been been keeping a close eye on all of the week’s lifestyle news. But I’ve done my best to collect some of the most interesting headlines I’ve spotted, over the past few days.

And, just a quick scheduling update… It’s another Bank Holiday Weekend, here in the UK. So I’ll be taking a long weekend, and posting blog content on Tuesday and Thursday, next week, instead. Have a great one, whatever you have planned!


Should we all be switching to natural perfumes?

It’s hard to look at the people next to you (friends, family, old school mates etc) and not measure your achievements against their’s. But here are 3 things to do if you’re currently feeling left behind

Tan France and Alexa Chung are set to host a new fashion show on Netflix.

6 simple ways to stop fighting with your significant other so much.

I love asparagus season, so definitely must make time to try this asparagus soup recipe!

So far, Elizabeth Warren is my favourite candidate running in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. She’s so impressive! And here’s a closer look at some of her many policy proposals.

What Iris Apfel taught me about being pretty

Never know how often you should be watering your plants? Here’s a helpful guide

How to handle rejection in life, according to these successful women.

Are you trying to live more sustainably? Here are 5 apps that can help


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