The Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List 242

Happy Friday! Have you had a good week? I’ve been really busy catching up on life admin, and attempting to get all of my upcoming blog content in order. Because next week I’m jetting off on a really exciting press trip. I’m spending a couple of days in Fes, and it will be my very first time in Morocco, so I’m super excited!

And, in other news, I have a lot of life and style links to share, this week. So make yourself a big pot of coffee, and spend some time catching up on the following stories…


Three women describe their complicated mother/daughter relationships.

Raise a hand if you’re tempted to make a batch of this no churn strawberry cheesecake ice cream for the weekend…

I don’t need another straw handbag, but how cute is this bucket bag?!

What makes a good “going out” top? Man Repeller investigate…

Looking for a good beach read? Here are some of the most exciting book releases for summer 2019.

When someone praises you do you always play in down? I loved this post from Jess Ann Kirby about learning how to take a compliment.

20 recipes every cook should know. How many have your perfected?

Stop what you’re doing… Gucci Westman – legendary makeup artist – just shared the contents of her top shelf with Into The Gloss!

Mr Ratburn from the kid’s TV show Arthur is gay, and just got married.

Glossier just released three, revamped and supersized serums. I can’t wait to try them!

This little black broderie mini dress has jumped to the top of my summer wish list.

Kamala Harris wrote about her experience as a stepmom, and it’s incredibly moving.

5 small habit changes that could help you become a morning person.

Last week Wendy cooked her famous sweet potato, kale and black bean vegan curry for Monica and I. It was SO good, and the recipe is now on her blog.


  1. Michelle says:

    Oh that vegan curry recipe looks delicious! Have a lovely weekend Ella!


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