The Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List 235

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I’ll be starting the day with a power yoga class, and then I’m off to celebrate one of my best friends’ birthdays. And on Sunday, my brother and I are taking our mama out for a special Mother’s Day breakfast. So it should be a really fun 48 hours! Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a great one…


I always judge books by their covers, so I loved this roundup of the key book cover designs trends we’ve seen so far, this year.

How one writer paid off $50,000 of student loans in just six years.

If you read just one post this week, make it Amy Webb’s beautiful article for A Cup of Jo about how to navigate a special needs encounter.

What happens to the mental health of school-shooting survivors?

It’s my birthday next month, and I think this citrus upside down cake might make the perfect spring birthday cake.

5 podcasts for entrepreneurs that actually teach you something. I’ve just downloaded a couple of episodes of The Influencer Podcast, which I’m excited to listen to!

These are the essential items that should be on your nightstand.

I loved this post by Meghan from Wit & Whimsy. She talks about who to be your own best date, and I think it’s a lesson we all need to learn – whether we’re single or in a relationship.

Take a tour around this dreamy Minnesota Lake House.

The new Apple Card will make credit card a lot more difficult.

You all know that I LOVE the Second Life podcast, hosted by Hillary Kerr. And I really enjoyed this week’s episode with Jessica Yellin, the journalist, author, and former CNN Chief White House Correspondent.

This piece by Hadley Freeman is one of the best articles I’ve read (so far) about the Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland. And, as someone who grew up worshiping MJ, I’ve read a LOT… “Two things can be true simultaneously: Jackson was one of the most talented performers of all time, and a predator; Jackson mourned his lost childhood, and he was a paedophile,” she writes.


  1. Thanks for the shout out in your post! A properly stocked nightstand is key!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. Meghan says:

    Ella, thank you so much for including my post!! Means a lot to me!


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