The Weekend Reading List

The Weekend Reading List

If there’s one thing in life that I have a real weakness for it’s stories of love and romance. I always enjoy hearing about how my friends met their significant others, and I could watch the classic ’90s and ’00s rom-coms on repeat for all of eternity.

So, it comes as no surprise that my favourite internet find this week was A Cup of Jo’s post on dating. They shared 14 of the best reader comments they’ve ever received about dating. And it’s such a great read! Here is my favourite comment, which came from a reader called Amy:

“For me, this ‘lightbulb feeling’ everyone talks about just comes and goes. Some days, I feel that my boyfriend is the absolute one and I cannot possibly live without him. And other times, I’m just not sure. I feel there’s unnecessary pressure on couples to feel/find/determine this one moment of certainty that will define their relationship forever. That’s unrealistic. People are so much deeper than that.”

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  1. I don’t think it is unrealistic or not deep to think people can be certain about another person. This attitude of ‘my way of thinking is superior’ is as strong here as in people thinking we should always be certain of things 🙂 Everyone has different, not deeper or shallower, just different, needs and it is ok.
    I couldn’t be, for instance, with someone I was unsure of on certain days. If I got unsure and I couldn’t get past it in any way, I would have to walk away. This certainty makes me feel safe in a relationship.
    To each their own!


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