What I Learnt From the Summer Survey (And The Changes I’ll Be Making to Coco’s Tea Party)

Burleigh Tea Cup

At the beginning of August I invited you to share your thoughts on Coco’s Tea Party, and the blogosphere in general, in my summer survey. It was so helpful to get your feedback, learn where you’re spending most of your time online (and where you’re not *cough IGTV*), and discover what you’d like to see more of throughout autumn and winter.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the direction I want to take Coco’s Tea Party in, from September. And before I dive headfirst into my new content strategy, I wanted to introduce all of the key changes to you officially, so that nothing comes out of the blue or appears inconsistent…

Some of Your Feedback

“I like the personal side to your content. Eg, your experience of buying a property, your opinions on books you’ve read etc”

“I’d love to see more home decor! More social media tips and blogging insight”

“It would be nice to if you decided to share your daily eating habits and favourite recipes. Also, I really appreciate it when you handle such important topics as how to live more sustainably or reduce plastic consumption etc. And I really enjoy your travel posts (especially when about Europe)”

“I’d like to see more diversity in interviewees in 9 to 5 content, and potentially more high-street style edits. (Love love your blog and have followed it for years!)”

“More Instagram stories for sure”

The Changes Coming to Coco’s Tea Party

Taking both your feedback and my own research into consideration, I’m going to be making a few changes to Coco’s Tea Party.

From September onwards I will no longer publish a Wish List edit on a weekly basis. Instead this feature will run every fortnight, on the first and third Wednesday of each month. This will allow me to be more selective about the fashion buys I highlight, so I’m only showcasing the best of the best. Plus, as I’m trying to steer away from fast-fashion culture into a more conscious way of consuming, it no longer feels authentic to feature new items every week.

However, a number of you asked for more shopping content on Instagram Stories. So that might be something I start to experiment with, going forwards. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’d like to see this work. Maybe a monthly edit of key investment buys?

I’ve also decided to step back from the #My9to5 interview series for the time being. There are a number of reasons for this. But, ultimately, it makes more sense to put all of my focus into the interviews on the Let’s Discuss podcast. I will continue to publish regular career features and profiles, however.

You can also expect to see updates to the Coco’s Tea Party email newsletter, and more activity around the #CocosTeaPartyBookClub. However, these changes are more likely to kick off in October.

And, finally, I’m also planning to increase the amount of home/interior features you see on Coco’s Tea Party. So let me know if you have any requests…

Thanks again to everyone who filled out the Coco’s Tea Party summer survey. I’m really looking forward to the next two seasons of content, and can’t wait to start posting…

Photo by Lydia Collins


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