My Summer Dressing Formula, Come Rain or Shine

Ella Gregory Summer Style

Last September I was taking a car to Paddington station, and I managed to get stuck in traffic with a very chatty driver. Now, that wouldn’t usually be the worst thing in the world. But this driver was a climate change denier. And he spent at least 40 minutes boring me to death with his “special theory” about weather cycles. (Who needs science, when you have Addison Lee, right?).

His reasoning made absolutely no sense. But he assured me climate change was a hoax, and the UK would have glorious, tropical summers for the next four years. And although I’m disappointed summer 2019 has been a bit of a washout, so far, I’m also delighted that this serial mansplainer has been proven wrong.


Recently my mum told me that the UK’s summer weather is “stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, because of the current jet stream”. And apparently that means we’ll continue to have an unsettled summer. I’m not sure which newspaper she got this information from. But it sounds plausible. And it also seems fairly unjust (is anyone else’s sunshine stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Or just us unlucky Brits?).

Still, I’m trying to make the best of the situation. Because summer is my favourite season, and I refuse to miss out on an opportunity to wear my favourite boho dresses. So I’ve come up with a solution…

Summer Maxi Dress Chic Wish
stay romance embroidered maxi dress Chic Wish

I’m Wearing: Dress by Chic Wish | Shoes very old season at Anthropologie (gift) | Bag a very old find at TK Maxx | Sunglasses by Ray-Ban


At the start of the summer I was largely sticking to a practical combination of skinny jeans and lightweight knits. But that situation got bleak real quick.

For the most part, it hasn’t been warm enough for denim shorts and little camisole tees. Or barely-there summer dress. However, I have settled on the following dressing formula, which seems to work well whether it’s grey and rainy, or warm-ish and sunny:

A lightweight summer maxi dress (preferably something white, lacy or embroidered) + a buttery leather jacket.


A printed midi skirt + plain white T-shirt + a khaki utility jacket.

(You can see me wearing the look here and here.)

I went for lunch with Wendy and Monica, last week. And they both agreed that these two outfit combinations are the only plausible – and stylish – options for this yo-yoing weather.

Chic Wish Summer Dress
How to Style a Summer Maxi Dress

My summer maxi dress of choice is currently this embroidered number from Chic Wish. I ordered it in January, because it literally made me go weak at the knees. And, although it’s now almost sold out, there are lots of other similar styles available at Chic Wish.

FYI: This was my first time shopping at Chic Wish, and I’d definitely order from the website again. The quality is in line with what you’d find at other high street brands, and the dress looks exactly as it appears online. The free shipping option took a few weeks, but as I ordered in the middle of winter I wasn’t in a rush to receive the dress anyway.

Have you come up with a summer dressing formula to survive the UK’s unpredictable weather? 

Photos by Lydia Collins


  1. Estranged says:

    I have an additional challenge to add – surviving my morning rush hour tube journey in a jam-packed carriage with no air conditioning and no space to breathe, let alone take off items of clothing. If anyone has cracked this, I’d be grateful for tips!

  2. Marta says:

    The weather here in the south of Europe has been a bit unusual too and that explains it so I guess I’m gonna have to deal with it haha that’s a gorgeous dress, I love the bright colours paired with the crisp white.

  3. Olgnka says:

    You look lovely in those dresses!

  4. Blazyshower says:

    Beautiful dress! I love clothes with ethnic elements.


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