The Productivity Tricks That Will Maximise Your Workweek

Simple Productivity Tricks

This year I’ve been working hard to maximise my productivity levels so I can remain focused during the week and take time to relax on weekends. So far it’s going pretty well, and I’ve definitely developed more of a work/life balance. However, creating new habits doesn’t happen overnight, and I still have some way to go. But here are the productivity tricks that have made the biggest difference – hopefully they’ll also help you get the most out of the workweek.


Throughout 2016 I’ve dramatically decreased the number of tasks I put on my to-do lists. This might seem counterintuitive – reducing the amount of work you undertake in an effort to increase productivity – but I saw positive results immediately. Inspired by the Productivity Planner, I now set two main priorities per day (writing a blog post or editing images, for example), as well as three smaller tasks (running an errand or sending out interview requests).

This way I’m able work through the week’s agenda methodically, prioritising the most important things first, and I rarely feel overwhelmed because I set realistic expectations for myself. So try writing shorter to-do lists for an entire week, and see if you also become more productive.


It’s very easy to slip into a black hole of emails, and before you know it the entire workday has passed and you’ve barely touched anything on your shortened to-do list. I shared my top tips for escaping the pressures of your inbox last week, and my favourite trick is to schedule three 3o minute time slots throughout the day to answer emails. This way I’m not constantly being distracted by trivial questions, and I’m able to fully focus on the work in front of me.


When I interviewed Anna Gardner from Vivianna Does Makeup for the #My9to5 feature she shared such a great productivity tip, and it’s something I immediately put into practise. On the subject of procrastination she explained, “When I’m procrastinating I always end up on BuzzFeed looking at cat GIFs or reading posts like Things You’ll Remember If You’re a ’90s Kid. It’s all so nothing-y, and it started to become a problem, so I’ve now unfollowed a lot of the accounts that lead me into those bad, procrastination places.”

Productivity Planner

How to Stay Productive When Working From Home…


Working from home is a blessing in many ways, and I feel incredibly lucky to have that independence. However, a job is a job, whether you’re working in a busy corporate office or at your kitchen table. And if you want to achieve anything you need to put the hours in. So the minute I left my internship at Marie Claire magazine to go full time with Coco’s Tea Party I set clear office hours (8am to 5pm), and I’ve stuck to that schedule for five years running. If I want a lie in I have to wait until the weekend, just like the rest of the world.


Whenever I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall – whether that’s down to lack of inspiration or a bout of procrastination – I always find a change of scenery works wonders. For some reason, the simple act of moving from my desk to the kitchen table can feel re-energising. And when that doesn’t do the trick I decamp to my local coffee shop for a few hours. The isolation of working from home can become draining, so sometimes you just need to be around other people for a while.


And, speaking of isolation… I go a little stir crazy when I spend too much time alone at my desk, and inevitably start procrastinating on social media. So I’ll often schedule a call with my agent or Monica from The Elgin Avenue to break up the daily monotony; and I also go to the gym most weekdays because it gives me a sense of community. These small yet significant social breaks help to keep my mind clear throughout the day so I stop looking for distractions and company on Twitter or Whatsapp.

What are your favourite productivity tips? I’d love to hear your methods for staying on track, whether you work from home or in an office, so feel free to share in the comments below…

P.S. How to escape the pressures of your inbox and how to add more bounce to your mornings

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