How to Style the Perfect “Shelfie”

How to Style Bookshelves Shelf Styling

{This post features gifted product} |  I’ve now been in my apartment for over a year. And it’s funny to think about all of the different phases of decorating that I’ve gone through, in a relatively short space of time.

I spent the first five weeks in my home without a bed or a sofa (it was not pleasant). And after they both arrived it lead to a flurry of online orders: rugs, bedside tables, artwork… Every week there were multiple deliveries showing up, so I was on a first name basis with all of my local DPD drivers.

But about six months in I hit a wall, and lacked both the enthusiasm and the funds to embark on any more decor projects. So I slowed things down for a few months.

Entering phase two of my home decor journey

However, with the New Year came a new lease of energy; and I’ve just starting making small tweaks to my flat again, replacing some of the items that I either moved in with or purchased on the cheap to get me through my first year as a homeowner.

You may remember that I moved in with one of IKEA’s classic KALLAX shelves. It’s a great piece of furniture, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t the most practical item for my living space. I needed something taller, with open shelf space that allowed for more decorative styling. And, above all, I wanted a bit of cupboard space too, to hide less visually-appealing pieces in. And that’s where La Redoute Home came in…

La Redoute Bookshelf

I’ve long been a big fan of La Redoute’s homeware collections. Like 75% of the population, I own one of their iconic Berber rugs (it was actually one of the first purchases I made when I moved in). And I’ve also collected many of their decorative items over the years – cushions, vases, etc etc.

However, up until recently I didn’t have any experience with La Redoute’s furniture.

But whilst I was searching for bathroom storage I somehow stumbled upon La Redoute’s Modular Bookcase in oak. And it seemed like the answer to my prayers! The design provided enough shelf space for decorative “shelfie” displays, and had that all-important cupboard space. So I’m very grateful that the La Redoute team kindly offered to gift me the piece.

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La Redoute Shelves

Before: A cluttered mish-mash of styles on the KALLAX shelf. After: The styling is still in progress, but the La Redoute bookcase has already transformed the look and feel of my living room. It provides a much cleaner, polished finished.

Now that I finally have some proper shelf space that isn’t divided into awkward cubes, I’m having a blast styling up my collection of books, vases, candles, picture frames and other ornaments.

I haven’t settled on the finished look for my shelf styling yet, but here are a few formulas that I’ve been following…

Shelf Styling Tips

My top Shelf Styling Tips

1. Give each shelf a key focal point, whether that’s a framed piece of artwork, an oversized vase, a stack of books or a floral arrangement. Once you’ve settled on your standout piece, you can then style other items around it with ease. (FYI, your focal piece doesn’t need to sit in the centre of the shelf. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the placement of items, and think the Prada Marfa print looks best when it’s off-centre.)

2. Group items into colour palettes. I didn’t even realise that almost all of my ornaments are blue, white, green and gold until I started styling my bookshelves. But if you don’t have such a tonal look across the board, create mini colour palettes for each shelf instead. I’d love to do red-to-pink ombre shelves at some point, if I can collect enough knick-knacks in that colour palette.

Shelf Styling
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3. Place larger items alongside smaller ornaments to stop your shelfie displays from looking too formal/deliberate. Candles make great bookends, and large vases are great at adding depth and colour to displays.

4. Group similar items together to avoid a sense of clutter. Because I live in such a small apartment it weirdly makes the most sense for me to keep my vast perfume collection in the living room. But instead of spacing fragrance bottles out amongst the shelves, I’ve confined them to a blush pink box (recycled from Birchbox). This looks cleaner and more polished.

How to Style the Perfect Shelf

If you also have any tips for shelf styling please share below in the comments section… This is far from the finished result, and I’ve only just started playing around with the look of the La Redoute bookcase. So it’s sure to go through many different stages before I settle on the perfect shelfie!

Style Credits:
Bookcase: La Redoute (gifted)
Dress: Chic Wish
Prada print: Desenio (gifted)

P.S. My dad helped me build the La Redoute bookcase, and he asked me to inform you that it’s the best piece of flatpack furniture he’s ever seen. He was very enthusiastic about experience. So there you have it: it’s dad approved!

Photos by Kylie Eyra


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