Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman in Eighties Fancy Dress

Rachel Zoe is best known for her glamorous boho style, vast Chanel collection and long list of Hollywood clients, so she’s probably the last person you’d expect to see in eighties-style fancy dress. But here she is, with husband Rodger Berman (also in costume, I must add…), getting ready for a night out. The celebrity-stylist-turned-designer Tweeted, “Bad boy and prom queen headed for an “80’s prom theme” night out ;)”

There’s no word yet on who the jumpsuit was designed by (I’m guessing it’s vintage Moschino or YSL), but Rachel definitely looked the part. Those are some seriously puffy shoulder pads, and the over-applied hot pink blusher and backcombed hair definitely adds to the ’80s vibe…

Do you rate Rachel Zoe’s eighties-style fancy dress outfit? Can you I.D her black jumpsuit?

Image twitter/rachelzoe


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