329 Positive Words That Start with A | Best List with Definitions and Examples


Maneuvering positive words that start with A in interaction with others will not only have a favorable impact on them but also yourself. An average person daily spends 70-80 percent of his waking hours in some sort of communication, mainly verbal. Therefore, the way we communicate can drastically affect our state of mind.

Even employers while recruiting prefer enthusiastic, optimistic, and cheerful candidates, and one way to express positive outlook and perspective is by employing positive words starting with A in your interview and resume. This mighty mite skill will put you way above other candidates. Hence, we have also incorporated positive words that start A for an attractive resume.

We’ve classified these nouns beginning with A to help you easily navigate through the article and find the nouns that best suits your needs. So, you must make an effort to skim through each one of these nouns and filter out the ones that you find beneficial and compatible with your style. So, without further delay let’s get down to these positive words that start with A.

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Positive Words That Start with A to Describe a Person

We should invariably have a couple of words starting with A to describe a person positively at our fingertips to glorify and honor someone. These small acts can go a long way so be certain to practice these positive words that start with A to describe a person in your routine.

1. Active

  • Definition: engaging in physically energetic pursuits
  • Synonyms: mobile, energetic, agile, sporty
  • Example: He is still robust and active, despite his old age.

2. Adaptable

  • Definition: can adjust to new conditions
  • Synonyms: flexible, adjustable, pliant, compliant
  • Example: He is an adaptable man and will soon learn the new work.

3. Adorable

  • Definition: inspiring great delight
  • Synonyms: lovable, appealing, charming, cute
  • Example: She’s an adorable kid.

4. Admirable

  • Definition: worthy of respect
  • Synonyms: commendable, worthy of admiration, worthy of commendation, praiseworthy
  • Example: The soldiers showed admirable bravery.

5. Agile

  • Definition: ability to move quickly
  • Synonyms: nimble, lithe, spry, supple
  • Example: He is very agile since childhood.

6. Amusing

  • Definition: providing entertainment
  • Synonyms: entertaining, funny, comical, humorous
  • Example: He has an amusing and likable personality.

7. Amazing

  • Definition: great surprise or wonderful
  • Synonyms: astonishing, astounding, surprising, bewildering
  • Example: He has an amazing work-life balance.

8. Ambitious

  • Definition: strong desire for success
  • Synonyms: aspiring, determined, pioneering, eager
  • Example: She is an ambitious career woman.

9. Analytical

  • Definition: using analysis or logical reasoning
  • Synonyms: logical, scientific, inquisitive, mathematical
  • Example: His excellent analytical skills were clearly apparent.

10. Angelic

  • Definition: relating to angels
  • Synonyms: divine, heavenly, celestial, holy
  • Example: Timmy has such an angelic face.

Positive Words That Start with A to Encourage Yourself

It’s essential to remain strong during tough times and press on. Telling yourself these motivational words that start with A will keep you inspired. Likewise, you can also uplift others by bringing these encouraging words that start with A into the play.

1. Absorbing

  • Definition: engrossing
  • Synonyms: fascinating, interesting, captivating, gripping
  • Example: I was able to write a very absorbing and insightful novel.

2. Accomplished

  • Definition: highly trained or skilled
  • Synonyms: expert, skilled, skillful, masterly
  • Example: With hard work, you can become an accomplished writer.

3. Accurate

  • Definition: correct in all details
  • Synonyms: correct, precise, exact, right
  • Example: All my answers were accurate on the test.

4. Achieve

  • Definition: successfully reach a desired objective
  • Synonyms: attain, reach, arrive at
  • Example: He achieved his ambition to become a press photographer.

5. Achievement

  • Definition: something done successfully
  • Synonyms: attainment, reaching, gaining, winning
  • Example: All my achievements are a result of my positive attitude.

6. Adept

  • Definition: very skilled and proficient
  • Synonyms: expert, proficient, accomplished, skillful
  • Example: I am quite adept at the computer.

7. Admire

  • Definition: regard with respect
  • Synonyms: applaud, praise, express admiration for, commend
  • Example: I admire your courage.

8. Always

  • Definition: at all times
  • Synonyms: every time, each time, at all times, all the time
  • Example: He is always there to help a friend.

9. Amiable

  • Definition: having a friendly and pleasant manner
  • Synonyms: friendly, affable, amicable, cordial
  • Example: He is quite an amiable young man.

10. Awesome

  • Definition: extremely impressive
  • Synonyms: breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding
  • Example: I scored two awesome goals in the last match.

Positive Words That Start with A to Compliment Others

An efficient and practical way to be in someone’s good books is by paying him a sincere compliment. So, in this segment, we’ll have a look at a few of these nice words that start with A.

1. Accessible

  • Definition: can be reached or approached
  • Synonyms: reachable, attainable, approachable, within reach
  • Example: He is a busy yet accessible person.

2. Accommodating

  • Definition: willing to fit in with someone’s wishes or needs
  • Synonyms: obliging, cooperative, helpful, eager to help
  • Example: She is always very accommodating.

3. Ace

  • Definition: a person who excels at a particular sport or other activity
  • Synonyms: expert, master, genius, adept
  • Example: He is an ace baseball player.

4. Adore

  • Definition: love and respect
  • Synonyms: love dearly, love, be devoted to, dote on
  • Example: He adored his mother.

5. Adventurous

  • Definition: willingness to take risks
  • Synonyms: daring, daredevil, venturesome, bold
  • Example: I am fond of his adventurous personality.

6. Affable

  • Definition: friendly, good-natured
  • Synonyms: friendly, amiable, genial, congenial
  • Example: He is an affable and agreeable companion.

7. Agreeable

  • Definition: enjoyable and pleasurable
  • Synonyms: pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable, pleasurable
  • Example: She is a cheerful and agreeable companion.

8. Alert

  • Definition: vigilant
  • Synonyms: hyper-vigilant, wide awake, aware
  • Example: He is an alert boy.

9. Altruistic

  • Definition: selfless
  • Synonyms: unselfish, selfless, self-sacrificing, self-denying
  • Example: His act of helping her out was completely altruistic.

10. A1

  • Definition: excellent
  • Synonyms: very good, great,   
  • Example: Jim has done A1 work this time.

Positive Words That Start with A to Help Through Difficulties

Employing these positive words that start with the letter A while sympathizing with others will surely bring their smile and optimism back. So, let’s check out some of these words.

1. Acclaim

  • Definition: praise enthusiastically and publicly
  • Synonyms: celebrated, admired, highly rated, lionized
  • Example: His speech was acclaimed as a considerable success.

2. Accolade

  • Definition: an award or privilege
  • Synonyms: honor, recognition, privilege, award, gift, title
  • Example: She has won numerous accolades.

3. Accrue

  • Definition: benefit or sum of money received in regular or increasing amounts over time
  • Synonyms: result, arise, follow, ensue
  • Example: She accrues entitlement to holiday pay.

4. Accumulate

  • Definition: gather together or acquire a large quantity
  • Synonyms: gather, collect, assemble
  • Example: It was his ambition to accumulate a million dollars before he turned thirty.

5. Activate

  • Definition: make (something) active or operative
  • Synonyms: operate, switch on, turn on, start
  • Example: He activates the youth to do better through his speech.

6. Affection

  • Definition: a gentle feeling of fondness or liking
  • Synonyms: fondness, love, liking, endearment
  • Example: She felt affection for the wise old lady.

7. Affirm

  • Definition: state emphatically or publicly
  • Synonyms: declare, state, assert, aver
  • Example: I can affirm that no one will lose their job.

8. Align

  • Definition: place or arrange in a straight line
  • Synonyms: line up, range, arrange in line, put in order
  • Example: Your actions should be aligned with your values.

9. Alliance

  • Definition: a union or association for mutual benefit
  • Synonyms: association, union, league, treaty
  • Example: I made an alliance with John to distribute our work effort.

10. Ally

  • Definition: someone that cooperates and helps out
  • Synonyms: associate, colleague, friend, confederate
  • Example: I will always be your greatest ally.

Positive Words That Start with A to Uplift Our Mind

Positive words bring a hopeful and confident aura that will make your negative thoughts disappear in no time. Hence, this section is all about good words that start with A which can be used to brighten up someone’s day.

1. Ameliorate

  • Definition: make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better
  • Synonyms: make better, upgrade, refine, enhance
  • Example: He helped them to ameliorate their living standards.

2. Amicable

  • Definition: characterized by friendliness
  • Synonyms: friendly, good-natured, cordial, civil
  • Example: She has an amicable personality.

3. Amplify

  • Definition: enlarge upon or add detail to
  • Synonyms: expand, add to, enlarge, develop
  • Example: That dress really amplifies her charms.

4. Appreciate

  • Definition: recognize the full worth of
  • Synonyms: value, respect, prize, cherish
  • Example: We should appreciate all the blessings of God.

5. Attentive

  • Definition: paying close attention to something
  • Synonyms: alert, awake, watchful, wide awake
  • Example: She was very attentive to her guests.

6. Abundance

  • Definition: big quantity of something
  • Synonyms: avalanche, deluge, rush, cluster
  • Example: He has an abundance of wealth that he shares with the poor.

7. Abundant

  • Definition: plentiful
  • Synonyms: copious, ample, profuse
  • Example: His skillset is abundant and more than adequate for the role.

8. Ardor

  • Definition: great enthusiasm or passion
  • Synonyms: passion, eagerness, avidity, fervor
  • Example: His eyes were bright with ardor.

9. Auspicious

  • Definition: conducive to success
  • Synonyms: favorable, propitious, promising, full of promise
  • Example: It was the most auspicious moment of his life.

10. Authentic

  • Definition: genuine
  • Synonyms: genuine, original, real, actual
  • Example: Her art is totally authentic.

List of Positive Words That Start with A to Keep Us Stay Positive

Negativity is contagious and can overtake your mind in no time. Therefore, here is a list of positive words that start with A to help us stay positive.

1. Appealing

  • Definition: attractive or interesting
  • Synonyms: attractive, engaging, alluring, enchanting
  • Example: She looked gorgeous and quite appealing in that dress.

2. Approachable

  • Definition: friendly and easy to talk to
  • Synonyms: friendly, welcoming, pleasant, agreeable
  • Example: He is a very approachable person.

3. Approving

  • Definition: showing approval of someone
  • Synonyms: admiring, appreciative, appreciating, respectful
  • Example: He has always been approving of her good nature.

4. Apt

  • Definition: appropriate or suitable
  • Synonyms: suitable, fitting, appropriate, befitting
  • Example: He is apt for this role in the play.

5. Aromatic

  • Definition: having a pleasant smell
  • Synonyms: fragrant, scented, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling
  • Example: Her clothes were nice and aromatic.

6. Artful

  • Definition: clever or skillful
  • Synonyms: sly, crafty, cunning, wily
  • Example: He has shown himself to be an artful politician.

7. Articulate

  • Definition: ability to speak fluently
  • Synonyms: eloquent, fluent, communicative, effective
  • Example: She is an articulate young woman.

8. Artistic

  • Definition: having natural creative skill
  • Synonyms: creative, imaginative, inventive, original
  • Example: She comes from a very artistic family.

9. Aspirant

  • Definition: ambitious to achieve something
  • Synonyms: would-be, intending, aspirant, hopeful
  • Example: He is an aspirant politician

10. Astronomical

  • Definition: (of an amount) extremely large
  • Synonyms: huge, enormous, very big
  • Example: The astronomical college fees were lessened by the current government.

Commonly Used Positive Words That Start with A

Fortunately, there are some positive words that we use commonly in order to congratulate or praise someone. Let’s read on to see a few of these kind words that start with A.

1. Available

  • Definition: at one’s disposal
  • Synonyms: obtainable, accessible, to be had, ready for use
  • Example: He’s a busy man but always available to help out.

2. Applaud

  • Definition: show approval or praise by clapping
  • Synonyms: clap, cheer, whistle
  • Example: Everyone applauded him for his achievements.

3. Amaze

  • Definition: fill with astonishment
  • Synonyms: astonish, astound, surprise
  • Example: She amazed doctors by fighting back her deteriorating condition.

4. Assured

  • Definition: confident
  • Synonyms: self-confident, confident, self-assured, sure of oneself
  • Example: He proceeded with an assured attitude towards his goal.

5. Assistant

  • Definition: a person who helps in particular work
  • Synonyms: helper
  • Example: He is an assistant to the college president.

6. Ascending

  • Definition: increasing in size or importance
  • Synonyms: ascendant, rising, increasing, acclivitous
  • Example: His rank has been ascending successfully and regularly.

7. Arrange

  • Definition: put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order
  • Synonyms: put in order, lay out, array, spread out
  • Example: She is very good at arranging things.

8. Annual

  • Definition: occurring once every year
  • Synonyms: yearly, once-a-year, every twelve months
  • Example: Jinnah’s birthday is an annual holiday.

9. Alright

  • Definition: of satisfactory quality
  • Synonyms: satisfactory, adequate, acceptable, fine
  • Example: She was doing alright on her new job.

10. Advance

  • Definition: move forwards in a purposeful way
  • Synonyms: move forward, proceed, move along, press on, push on
  • Example: She is steadily advancing towards her goals.

Positive Words That Start with A for Attractive Resumes

Applications of these positive words in not only limited to encouraging and complimenting others. We can also use the following inspirational words that start with A to gracefully express ourselves in our resume.

1. Authorized

  • Definition: having official permission or approval
  • Synonyms: approved, commissioned, licensed, official
  • Example: I have been authorized by the Engineering Council to work as a professional engineer.

2. Adequate

  • Definition: satisfactory or acceptable
  • Synonyms: sufficient, enough, ample, requisite
  • Example: Her skillset was adequate for the job.

3. Actual

  • Definition: existing in fact; real
  • Synonyms: real, true, genuine, authentic
  • Example: I’ve a degree in engineering but my actual interest was in a management position.

4. Accredited

  • Definition: officially recognized or authorized
  • Synonyms: licensed, authorized, approved, official
  • Example: I am an accredited Civil Engineer.

5. Academic

  • Definition: relating to education and scholarship
  • Synonyms: educational, scholastic, instructional, studious
  • Example: He has an excellent academic record.

6. Adroit

  • Definition: clever or skillful
  • Synonyms: skillful, adept, dexterous, deft
  • Example: I am adroit in using designing software.

7. Ambidextrous

  • Definition: ability to use both hands equally well
  • Synonyms: two-handed, equipoised
  • Example: He is ambidextrous and that is very rare.

8. Astonishing

  • Definition: extremely surprising or impressive
  • Synonyms: amazing, astounding, staggering, shocking
  • Example: My work on the latest project was astonishing.

9. Astounding

  • Definition: surprisingly impressive or notable
  • Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, staggering, shocking
  • Example: His performance in the play was astounding.

10. Awe-inspiring

  • Definition: arousing awe through being impressive
  • Synonyms: breathtaking, amazing, stunning, stupendous
  • Example: He delivered an awe-inspiring presentation at the interview.

Positive Words That Start with A – Full List (329 Words)

Now that we have finished explicitly seeing each word and its explanation here is a list of positive words that start with A which are talked above and more.

  • A1
  • Affordable
  • Advise
  • Aim
  • Annual
  • Accredited
  • Abiding
  • Associate
  • Adherent
  • Authorized
  • Agree
  • Aroused
  • A-one
  • Amenable
  • Affinity
  • Achieve
  • Aged
  • Accelerate
  • Altruistic
  • Appetent
  • Appreciate
  • Advice
  • All-important
  • Agleam
  • Accuracy
  • Accrue
  • Alacrity
  • Able
  • Admire
  • Allegiance
  • Aholic
  • Affecting
  • Alternate
  • Allied
  • Affirmation
  • Abundance
  • Assurgent
  • Awe
  • Apprehensible
  • Absorbing
  • Add
  • Award
  • Active
  • Angelic
  • Amused
  • Attendant
  • Ameliorate
  • Adaptability
  • Affection
  • Accurate
  • Astonishment
  • Aromatic
  • Amative
  • Assistive
  • Appropriate
  • Affectionate
  • Arranged
  • Ambidextrous
  • Amiable
  • Atypical
  • Alert
  • Adamant
  • Acclaimed
  • Accession
  • Acute
  • Appreciativness
  • Attest
  • Accountable
  • Artful
  • Accordant
  • Aptitude
  • All-knowing
  • Angel
  • Accept
  • Amplify
  • Assert
  • A-OK
  • Astounding
  • All
  • Absolved
  • Appreciative
  • Appeasive
  • Arouse
  • Affined
  • Acceptance
  • Accommodated
  • Ambitious
  • Advanced
  • Affiliated
  • Auroral
  • Apropos
  • August
  • Aesthetical
  • Analytical
  • Attain
  • Alliance
  • Ability
  • Aquatic
  • Appreciated
  • Artistic
  • Associative
  • Abloom
  • Assorted
  • Actual
  • Accumulate
  • Airy
  • Ablaze
  • Above
  • Alluring
  • Adjusted
  • Adequate
  • Advantage
  • Aloha
  • Autonomous
  • Ambition
  • Appetizing
  • Abjunctive
  • Adorable
  • Aware
  • Attraction
  • Aristocrat
  • Agile
  • Advance
  • Attune
  • Aspire
  • Awesomeness
  • Academic
  • Apollonian
  • Arousing
  • Acclaim
  • Ambrosial
  • Affluent
  • Aureate
  • Authoritative
  • Adamantine
  • Attitude
  • Assiduous
  • Ariose
  • Acumen
  • Astute
  • Adore
  • Associated
  • Aclarity
  • Altitude
  • Acuminous
  • Aristocratic
  • Awareness
  • Accommodation
  • Argent
  • Abounding
  • Admirable
  • Aid
  • Accord
  • Always
  • Activity
  • Audacious
  • Accordingly
  • Axiological
  • Adonic
  • Alive
  • Abound
  • Adoring
  • Accentuactivity
  • Absolute
  • Acceptable
  • Agreeable
  • Arrange
  • Accommodating
  • Authenticity
  • Adored
  • Adventuresome
  • Approving
  • Attentiveness
  • Afford
  • Ascertain
  • Adaptable
  • Assuasive
  • Awestruck
  • Appetite
  • Absorbed
  • Ascending
  • Assertive
  • Achievement
  • Accepting
  • Aquiver
  • Accolade
  • Amuse
  • Ace
  • Astonished
  • Accelerated
  • Align
  • A-plus
  • Alright
  • Alacritous
  • Adroitness
  • Awaited
  • Attractive
  • Allow
  • Awe-inspiring
  • Ageless
  • Aerial
  • Attainable
  • Advantageous
  • Awesome
  • Ardent
  • Alimental
  • Adroit
  • Adept
  • Assertiveness
  • Adventurous
  • Amorous
  • Action
  • Affluence
  • Awed
  • Affective
  • Arboreal
  • Admissible
  • Amatory
  • Accomplished
  • Aspirant
  • Air
  • Acknowledge
  • Advisable
  • Assurance
  • Affirm
  • Azure
  • Astonishing
  • Apposite
  • Authentic
  • Amaze
  • Altruism
  • Assent
  • Acknowledged
  • Abracadabra
  • Accomplishment
  • Adulatory
  • Ally
  • Animated
  • Appentency
  • Amorousness
  • Absolve
  • Amazing
  • Absolutely
  • Alight
  • Acknowledgement
  • Assure
  • Ascendant
  • Awake
  • Audacity
  • Astonish
  • Amusing
  • Appreciation
  • Aye
  • Amity
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Allowing
  • Assured
  • Abundant
  • Aroma
  • Articulate
  • Ameliorative
  • Assuring
  • Accomplish
  • Applied
  • Ample
  • Arresting
  • Auspicious
  • Actability
  • Allocate
  • Anew
  • Allegiant
  • Allure
  • Affluential
  • Activate
  • Assistant
  • Addition
  • Approachable
  • Apt
  • Abide
  • Amusement
  • Accessory
  • Achiever
  • Anamnestic
  • Astir
  • Accommodate
  • Aglow
  • Appetence
  • Accessible
  • Advantaged
  • Amin
  • Accepted
  • Attentive
  • Accountability
  • Abstract
  • Animating
  • Affirmative
  • Avid
  • Aboveboard
  • Amicable
  • Aspiring
  • Assimilate
  • Admiring
  • Applaud
  • Acquainted
  • Alertness
  • Affable
  • Accustomed
  • Adventure
  • Aesthetic
  • Achieved
  • Able-minded
  • Animate
  • Attract
  • Adonis
  • Amazed
  • Athletic
  • Anticipation
  • Aplenty
  • Ailment
  • Agility
  • Admired
  • Attempt
  • Appealing
  • Aspiration
  • Ardor
  • Able-bodied
  • Awash
  • Available
  • Astronomical

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with A

Beyond doubt, these examples, definitions, and synonyms are best suited for learning and implementing these positive words that start with A in your daily life, which will not only breathe a new life in your sentences but will also transfigure and reorganize your outlook.

As Shakespeare said, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” These positive words starting with A will inevitably assist you in developing and nurturing a positive attitude and take challenges head-on. Through thick and thin, these positive words that start with A will surely brighten your days and keep on plodding onwards.

So, which of these words did you find the most useful? Did you think of different ways in which you can use these positive words beginning with A to touch people’s lives? If, yes do tell us about it in the comment section.