7 Podcasts to Add to Your Weekly Downloads Queue

Podcasts to Download in 2019

A few weeks ago a lovely reader contacted me via Instagram and asked whether I’d do an updated roundup of my favourite podcasts. And I realised it has been AGES since I last shared an edit of my go-to shows on the blog. So here are 7 fantastic podcasts to download in 2019, from the brilliant new true crime series I just binged, to the business pod I cannot get enough of…


Hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder of WhoWhatWear and Clique Media Group, this weekly podcast centres around inspirational women who have made career pivots. In other words, they’re living their second (and sometimes third or fourth) work life. Past guests have included Jennifer Lopez, Aimee Song, Lauren Conrad, Eva Chen and Jessica Alba.


Popcast is a New York Times podcast, hosted by pop music critic Jon Caramanica. It’s essential listening for anyone who is obsessed with pop culture. Past episodes have explored Fyre Festival, how the Grammy nominations work, and the obsession around A Star Is Born (my favourite episode to date).


Blogger Grace Atwood hosts this weekly lifestyle podcast with her best friend, Becca Freeman. They both live in New York, work in fashion/media and have a passion for YA novels (so expect lots of book chat). Every few weeks they welcome a guest onto the show, including the likes of Blair Eadie and Katie Sturino.

Pod Save America


This is definitely an acquired taste. But if you’re interested in U.S. politics (or simply want to get a better understanding of what’s going on in the White House), Pod Save America is a great show to tune into. It’s hosted by four former aides to President Obama (so it’s left-leaning), including Jon Favreau, who was Obama’s Director of Speechwriting.


Bear Brook is the best true crime podcast I’ve listened to in years! It explores a decades-long cold case, and chronicles the groundbreaking investigative tactics that finally put the puzzle pieces together. The official tagline reads, “Two barrels. Four bodies. And the decades-long mystery that led to a serial killer.” The first episode is a little bit stomach-turning, but beyond that the series centres around the investigation, rather than the murders. Ao the squeamish amongst you shouldn’t worry too much.


Happier With Gretchen Rubin is one of the first podcasts I listened to, and I’m now also obsessed with the spin off show that Gretchen’s sister Liz Craft hosts with her writing partner, Sarah Fain. Liz and Sarah are TV writers in LA, and their new show The Fix debuts on ABC this spring. In their weekly episodes they talk about what it’s like to work in Hollywood, and discuss all of the unusual behind-the-scenes jobs you find in the TV and movie industries.

Happier in Hollywood


And I couldn’t resist throwing in my podcast, Let’s Discuss, at the very end… Monica and I launch our seventh season on March 12th and we have an amazing lineup of weekly episodes scheduled. We have some great guests confirmed for the season, along with a long list of juicy conversation topics. So make sure you tune in!

Which podcasts do you listen to on a weekly basis, without fail? 


  1. Azura says:

    Definitely Let’s Discuss when in season. I can binge listen to others in batches but always look forward to listening to Let’s Discuss as soon as an episode comes out (or at least on the very same day if I am super busy at work). Thanks for always creating amazing content in all your channels. x

  2. Love reading what other podcasts people are listening to so love this post!
    2 of my favourites are The High Low & Table Manners. x

  3. Estranged says:

    Thank you SO much for recommending Bear Brook. I’ve been going through a true crime phase for the past 2 years (does it still count as a phase?) and a lot of these podcasts can be a bit same-y – but after one episode of Bear Brook I’m already hooked!

  4. Felicia says:

    I love your podcast! I’m going to check out a few others as well. But Bear Brook sounds amazing! I’m downloading it right now!

  5. Jane Miller says:

    I sometimes listen to Bad on Paper when I’m at work. It makes me laugh and feel like I’m hanging out with my friends when in reality I’m at work in my cubicle.


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