You’re Invited to Join the Monthly Coco’s Tea Party Book Club

Coco's Tea Party Book Club

Exciting news, ladies and gentleman… I’m launching a monthly online book club community.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been using the #CocosTeaPartyBookClub hashtag on Instagram to recommend a juicy read each month. And I’ve also been sharing my complete 2018 reading list (currently 31 books and counting) on Instagram Stories.

I’ve loved all of the conversation this has generated over direct message. And I’m always delighted when people reach out to say they’ve enjoyed a book that I recommended. (A lot of you picked up American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld after Monica and I discussed it in a recent episode of Let’s Discuss.)

The blogosphere is a weird place to work, right now. There’s so much uncertainty surrounding the direction of blogs, Instagram and YouTube. And, like many of my peers, I often go through periods of extreme self-doubt. So I really wanted to lean into the light, and throw my energy into a project that I’m super-excited about.

And that’s why I’ve decided to create a positive little online community, and launch the Coco’s Tea Party Book Club. Want to join? Well, here’s everything you need to know…

Online Book Clubs for Women

The Coco’s Tea Party Book Club will take the form of a monthly email newsletter, because I wanted it to sit separately from both the blog and Instagram.

All members will receive a chatty email on the first Thursday of each month. This will include four book recommendations that centre around a chosen theme, updates on exciting new releases, exclusive author interviews and much more.

As the Coco’s Tea Party Book Club community grows I’ll be adding space for members to share their reviews and recommendations. And eventually I’d also love to host in-person events where we can meet and discuss selected titles.

How to Join the Online Book Club

If you’d like to become a member of the Coco’s Tea Party Book Club you can sign up at the link below.


You then have the choice to sign-up to the monthly book club only, or also opt-in to receive my life and style email updates as well.

And, as a special “thank you” for joining the community you’ll instantly receive a free, interactive PDF listing 25 books everyone should read in their lifetime.

FYI: If you’re already signed-up to receive Coco’s Tea Party emails you’ll automatically become a Book Club member, unless you update your email preferences and opt-out. (If you have trouble doing this just let me know, and I can help).

Existing email subscribers will also receive a link to download the reading list freebie in their September 25th newsletter.

Free Online Book Club for Women

I’m so excited about this new project, and really hope you’ll become a member of the Coco’s Tea Party Book Club.

The first edition of the newsletter will be sent out on October 4th, so make sure you’re subscribed by then!


  1. Sharni says:

    Oh Ella! I’m so excited for this!

    Sharni |

  2. Martha says:

    Can’t wait to get into all the great stuff ! Really enjoyed all your recommendations so far this year so this will be a treat. Also I finally don’t need to screenshot like a maniac anymore, while looking at my insta story, whoop whoop! 🙂


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