Why Astrology Is So Important to Me, And a Jewellery Collection Inspired by the Night Sky

Olivia Burton Celestial Collection

As you probably know, throughout 2018 I’ve been working as an Olivia Burton ambassador. The British watch and accessories label was built by two best friends, and it’s a brand that I’ve been delighted to support. One of the perks of the job has been getting an early look at their upcoming designs, and I’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of their new Celestial collection for months.

The Olivia Burton Celestial collection was inspired by “starry nights and shimmering skies”, and all of the watch dials are adorned with glittering metallic flakes. This creates such a beautiful effect, and it almost looks like there’s a miniature galaxy planted inside the timepiece.

I’ve been wearing the rose gold watch on repeat, but I also love the silver demi dial design. And the Celestial star crawler earrings are so pretty too. Every time I wear them I receive tons of compliments!

Olivia Burton Coco's Tea Party
Olivia Burton Celestial Watch

I’m Wearing: Olivia Burton Celestial demi dial watch | Olivia Burton Celestial star crawler earrings | Olivia Burton engravable disc necklace | Olivia Burton chain bracelet | Monsoon dress (past season – similar here) | Karen Millen leather jacket

For me, the Olivia Burton Celestial collection is so exciting because I’m such a self-confessed astrology nut. And I truly believe the universe can teach us so much about ourselves (and our loved ones).

I know that there are a lot of skeptics out there. But there’s so much more to astrology than the vague, monthly horoscopes you find in magazines. And we’re so much more than our star signs (also known as the sun sign).

Without getting too geeky, you really need to have your entire natal chart calculated to gain truly accurate astrological insights. Your natal chart maps out the placement of the planets at the exact moment you were born, so it’s incredibly specific.

Celestial Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton Necklace
Olivia Burton Celestial Watch Rose Gold

If you’ve never had your natal chart calculated before I cannot recommend it enough. The Co-Star website and App uses NASA data to generate your unique birth chart. And it’s all completely free. (Generate your natal chart here).

You’ll be asked to enter the date, time and location of your birth, and within seconds Co-Star map out your entire natal chart. You’ll find out which sign each planet was in at the time of your birth, and receive a detailed description of how that alignment impacts your personality.

What Your Natal Chart Will Reveal

Here’s Co-Star Astrology‘s explanation of each planets’ role:

Sun Sign: ‘The sun determines your ego, identity, and “role” in life. It’s the core of who you are, and is the sign you’re most likely to already know.’ My sun sign is Aries.

Ascendent (also known as the Rising Sign): ‘Your ascendant is the “mask” you present to people. It can be seen in your personal style and how you come off to people when you first meet.’ My ascendent is in Virgo.

Moon Sign: ‘The moon rules your emotions, moods, and feelings. This is likely the sign you most think of yourself as, since it reflects your personality when you’re alone or deeply comfortable.’ My moon sign is also in Virgo, so feel more like a Virgo than an Aries.

Mercury: ‘Mercury determines how you communicate, talk, think, and process information. It also indicates how you learn. It is the mind’s planet.’ For me, Mercury is in Taurus.

Venus: ‘Venus determines how and what you love. It indicates how you express affection and the qualities you’re attracted to.’ I have Venus in Pisces.

Mars: ‘Mars is the planet of aggression. It determines how you assert yourself, take action, and the energy that surrounds you.’ In my chart Mars sits in Aquarius, meaning I ‘put a lot of energy into work, routines, and bodily health.’

Jupiter: ‘One of the two social planets, Jupiter rules growth, expansion, and progress.’ For me, Jupiter is in Cancer.

Saturn: ‘The other social planet, Saturn rules responsibility, restrictions, limits, boundaries, fears, and self-discipline.’ Saturn was in Capricorn at the time I was born.

Uranus: ‘Uranus stays in each sign for seven years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person. It rules innovation, progression, rebellion, and change.’ I was born in 1990, when Uranus was in Capricorn.

Neptune: Neptune stays in each sign for up to twelve years. ‘It rules dreams, imagination, and the unconscious.’ In 1990 Neptune was in Capricorn.

Pluto: Pluto stays in each sign for up to fifteen years. ‘It rules power, intensity, obsession, control, and transformation.’ In 1990 it was in Scorpio, meaning ‘your generation’s psyche is comparatively passionate, intense, serious, private, self-obsessed, and perceptive.’

Ella Gregory Olivia Burton

Shop the Olivia Burton Celestial collection here. And I’d love to know if you’re also into astrology? What’s your sun, moon and rising sign? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts…

~ This post was sponsored by Olivia Burton. Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors that make Coco’s Tea Party possible. ~

Photos by Victoria Metaxas

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  1. I am so drawn to astorlogy and star signs I find it all so interesting so a collection like this is really speaking to me! (Maybe it’s a 7th of April kinda thing? :P)




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