November Life Update

Today’s blog post is a bit of a jumble of thoughts, feelings and recommendations. Basically, I had lots of odd bits and pieces to fill you in on, and none of them warranted an entire post; so I’ve lumped everything together in this long, chatty feature that I’m titling “November Life Update”. Ready? Let’s roll…

Let’S Discuss Podcast : The eighth season of the Let’s Discuss podcast is now in full swing. Have you been listening, so far? This week we have two episodes going out! In Tuesday’s episode we were joined by our good friend Elizabeth Petrides, of Elizabeth Scarlett, and we talked about why it’s so important to make time for creativity. And tomorrow we have our very first bonus episode, which is all about Monica’s wedding.

It feels like we’ve really found our groove with the podcast, this season. And, if you’re not following us on Instagram already, we’d so appreciate it if you gave our account a little bit of love. We’re @letsdiscusspodcast.

End-Of-The-Year (And Decade!) Positivity : Last week I posted about the manifestation technique I’ve been using, to set myself up for a good 2020. And as we reach the end of this year – and decade (!!!) – I’m making it my mission to focus on positivity. I truly believe positive thoughts generate positive events, and I’m feeling really upbeat at the moment, despite the fact I haven’t quite figured out what to do about my career crisis.

Christmas Movies : When is it acceptable to start watching Christmas movies? I have a suspicion it might still be a little bit too early, but this weekend one of my best friends is coming over to watch While You Were Sleeping, which is one of my favourite festive films (Sandra Bullock is such a babe). And on Monday next week I’m going to the UK premiere of Last Christmas, which should be really fun – especially because I have a massive crush on Henry Golding. I’m going to try and resist watching Elf until December, but it’s nice to have a little taste of Christmas already.

A New Skincare Favourite : A few weeks ago I mentioned I’d been having some trouble with breakouts and redness. My skin got really unhappy, towards the end of summer, and it took such a long time for it to calm down. Because of this, I’m still being really careful about the products I use, and I’ve stripped my skincare routine right back. In the evenings I’m skipping heavy moisturisers, and instead have been hydrating with Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence (press sample). It’s super lightweight – more like a serum in texture – and has done wonders for my skin!

The Band I’M Playing On Repeat : Last month Monica introduced me to the electronic music duo, Maribou State, and I’ve been listening to their music non-stop, ever since. I literally love every single one of their tracks (their music is great for power yoga too, by the way), but my favourites are ‘Midas’ and ‘Nervous Tics’.

Friendsgiving Prep : It’s Thanksgiving on November 28th, and this year I’m going to a Friendsgiving celebration, hosted by one of my American friends. We’ve all been asked to bring a dish with us and, because I’m completely new to Thanksgiving, I’m unsure where to begin. Do you know of any good recipes for vegetarian Thanksgiving sides? If so, please send them my way!