My New Favourite Affordable Home Line

Monsoon Home

Did you know that Monsoon have a homeware collection? I wouldn’t blame you if you were none the wiser – it seems to be a fairly well-kept secret. I’ve been a Monsoon ambassador for a full year*, and even I was unaware the Home by Monsoon collection is so extensive.

I stumbled across the full range by accident, a few weeks ago. And I was so impressed by the design direction (the luxe boho vibes are right up my alley) that I had to give it some love on the blog. The price points sit somewhere between H&M Home and Anthropolgie, and the collection features soft furnishings, home accessories, and furniture.

Here are some of the standout pieces…

Monsoon Home

1. Gold bar table | 2. Ikat cushion | 3. Tassel basket | 4. Floor cushion | 5. Marble coffee table | 6. Round bone mirror | 7. Pineapple candle stick | 8. Tassel cushion | Featured image: chest of drawers

* I have a long working relationship with Monsoon, and do sponsored Instagram posts with them each month. However this post is not a paid advertisement, and no one at the brand even knows I’m writing this. Surprise!


  1. M says:

    Man, I do not need that chest of drawers, nor do I have room for it in my house, but it’s gorgeous!!


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