Mined Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings


You’ve made the important decision and you’ve found your forever person. Now it’s time to propose! When choosing the ideal engagement ring, the choices are endless, which band, metal, style—the list goes on and on. With a helping hand from some of the top UK jewellery specialists at Lily Arkwright, their guidance should make your proposal that little bit simpler and open your eyes to the advantages of lab grown engagement rings.

Who Should I Trust for My Ring?

The choice of the ideal ring is one of, if not the most, crucial components of a proposal because it is the element that unites everything. Choosing that forever ring can become slightly more challenging with the diversity and abundance of options available. Finding a ring that fits your budget whilst also being something that your significant other adores is why lab-grown engagement rings are the ideal replacement for traditional engagement rings. One of the most widespread misconceptions is that engagement rings should cost the equivalent of three months’ salary. However, with the popularity of lab-grown diamonds, you can avoid incurring that cost. Dreaming big can become a reality, whilst also providing a more ethical option. Lily Arkwright, an expert company in lab-grown jewellery in the UK, offers a wide range of rings and bespoke alternatives, as well as quality, ethically sourced jewellery at incredible prices.

What Lab Grown Ring Should I Choose?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and their attractiveness never fails to impress. But what if there was another option? The choice between Lab grown diamonds and moissanite is often as daunting as the proposal. However, Lily Arkwright has provided us with the information to make this choice simple.

Moissanite engagement rings are made from a rare and precious gemstone made of silicon carbide that works as a stunning alternative to the traditional mined diamond engagement ring, and is also a truly gorgeous option in its own right. With a higher refractive index than diamonds moissanite can offer you an engagement ring with some serious sparkle at a much better price point than its mined counterparts. As pictured below, Lily Arkwright’s ‘Coco’ displays beautifully the effortless radiance that moissanite creates. It is both sustainable and ethical as it is lab grown and so has nowhere near the same carbon footprint or human impact as mining does. In fact, moissanite can provide you with a highly durable ring that has its own unique radiance.

Lab grown diamonds are 100% diamonds, sharing the same chemical composition, optical properties, and hardness as mined diamonds. A man made diamond is ‘grown’ under controlled conditions in a laboratory, using advanced technology that replicates the growing process of a mined diamond. Produced by actual carbon atoms, arranged in the same characteristics of diamond crystal structures as natural diamonds. Performing and exhibiting the same brilliance and sparkle as a mined diamond. The ‘Esme’ engagement ring highlights the power of lab diamonds and how they can be made into an array of stunning rings.

Lily Arkwright, specialises in both moissanite engagement rings and lab grown diamond engagement rings, bringing you excellent engagement rings that are a mark of true British craftsmanship. They offer free and insured global shipping, giving all their customers reassurance when purchasing one of our rings, something again attested by our 5* rating on Trustpilot.

Where Should I Propose?

Like in the movies, choosing the ideal location to ask someone to marry you is just as crucial as the engagement diamond. Curating a nostalgic and romantic place is essential to your engagement, regardless of whether it will be a small, intimate gathering or a public spectacle with onlookers in awe. It doesn’t matter if it’s where you went on your first date, when you started dating, or even where you share your favourite memory, asking for someone’s hand in marriage is the epitome of a major commitment and something many people dream of from a young age. Selecting the ideal location requires considerable thought and effort.

When Will It Arrive?

Especially if you’ve chosen a bespoke item, it’s crucial to keep in mind that engagement rings typically take a few weeks to be handcrafted, while making your choice. Planning ahead is therefore advisable to ensure that it comes when you want it to. Each and every Lily Arkwright ring is created by one of their carefully vetted and skilled UK Goldsmiths and goes through a number of rigorous quality control procedures before being happily sent to you. Each ring has been independently hallmarked and tested, giving clients an amazing quality. They are members of the National Association of Jewellers, which is a strong guarantee that all of their jewellery fulfils and surpasses legal criteria. It’s easier than you think to design and own a custom made ring. Lily Arkwright offers a full custom made design service to modify a Lily Arkwright existing design to suit your personal tastes.

Why Lab Grown?

This choice of lab-grown is fantastic for a variety of reasons. The price of lab-grown diamond rings is unequalled, being up to 30% less than that of a mined diamond. A dream engagement ring can be created thanks to the clarity, size, and wide range of cuts that are offered! In addition to the enormous cost savings, their ethical and sustainable origin implies that no mining was involved in their creation, guaranteeing all buyers that no environmental harm was caused.

By utilising cutting-edge technology, Lily Arkwright is able to cut out lab-grown gemstones like moissanite, diamonds, and Chatham coloured gemstones without the need for mining.  Take a look at their coloured gemstone engagement rings. There is no distinction chemically and there is no distinction in terms of appearance. Only their origin makes a difference, so it makes sense to take a more sustainable course in today’s rapidly changing world.