9 Ways to Maximize Space in a Tiny Bedroom

Maximize Space in a Tiny Bedroom

If you live in a city, or share a house with roommates, chances are you have a super small bedroom. And that can be a challenge if you don’t live by the “less is more” mindset. I’m currently going through the lengthly process of trying to buy my first home, and every flat I’ve viewed so far has a minuscule bedroom. At first it was quite disheartening, but after doing some extensive research on Pinterest I’ve realised it’s not the end of the world. And here are 9 clever ways to maximize space in a tiny bedroom…

UPDATE: Since publishing this post I’ve moved into a new, West London apartment. And you can take a tour of my own tiny bedroom here

Favour light hues

Maximize Space in a Tiny Bedroom

Light tones automatically help to make spaces look brighter and bigger. So, before you do anything, spruce up your bedroom with a fresh coat of white paint. And if pure white feels too harsh opt for an off-white hue instead. Great White by Farrow & Ball is a favourite with interior designers, and you can find some more suggestions at ELLE Decor. Image via Gravity Home.

Add depth with colour & pattern

If you love bright colours and pattern, but don’t have the space to make a bold statement, try creating an accent corner. Paint or wallpaper the base of a bookcase or the inside of an alcove to bring depth to the room. Unlike an accent wall, it won’t overwhelm such a small space. And it’s also far more cost effective than wallpapering an entire wall. Win, win! Image via Domino.

Small Bedroom Decor Tips

Take advantage of high ceilings

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

If your bedroom has high ceilings then you’re one of the lucky ones. For starters they’ll make your space look much larger than it really is, but they also give you more storage options. So make use of the added height by installing shelving just below ceiling line. It’s perfect for books and anything else you don’t need to reach on a daily basis. Image via Domino.

Utilise corners

Need to squeeze a bit of desk space into your small bedroom? No problem. If possible place your desk in a corner, so it feels like a separate work area and fills any dead space. And if you can find a small desk with built in shelving you’re definitely onto a winner. Try this petite desk from IKEA or this ladder desk. Image via Crate Blog.

Small Room Desk Solution

Choose multi-purpose furniture

Tiny Bedroom Organisation

If you really are working with a minimal amount of space choose a multi-purpose bedside table instead of a stand alone desk. This simple, dinky table operates as a desk by day, and nightstand after dark. But if you propped a mirror up against the wall it could also moonlight as a dressing table/makeup station. IKEA have lots of similar items, as you would expect. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Get serious about storage

I purchased one of the IKEA Kallax shelving units late last year, and I can’t begin to tell you how useful it’s been! The beloved cube-shaped storage system allow for all kinds of customisation and holds a surprising amount of clutter. Hide laundry, sneakers, paperwork and other unsightly essentials in boxes or straw baskets to make more of an aesthetic statement with your Kallax. Image via The Every Girl.

Small Bedroom Organisation

Make a feature of your wardrobe

Closet Organisation Small Bedroom

One thing that’s become abruptly clear to me over the last few months is how much space wardrobes take up. So if you’re proud of your clothing collection (and naturally tidy), make a feature of your wardrobe by displaying it on hanging rails. A small chest of drawers can house any extras, like T-shirts, jeans, gym gear and pyjamas. And if you have a particularly large clothing collection it might be worth investing in a storage unit for seasonal switches. Image via Avenue Lifestyle.

Hide junk under the bed

If your bed already has built in storage then you’re onto a winner. But if not you won’t struggle to find affordable storage boxes at your local home improvement store. And yes, it goes back to the childhood phycology of hiding everything under your bed when you were forced to tidy your room. But when space is limited you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do… Image via IKEA.

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Don’t ignore any area

Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

And, last but not least, take full advantage of every area. It’s the simplest way to maximize space in a tiny bedroom. For example, your bedroom door could operate as a coat rack or provide storage for accessories. Install a hanging rack or a selection of clothing hooks to optimise the space fully. ClosetMaid’s hanging organiser is ideal! Image via Wayfair.

How do you maximize space in a tiny bedroom? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below…

{Note: I’ve sourced the majority of these images from Pinterest, and have tried my best to credit the original source for each photo. However, if a credit is incorrect please let me know in the comments section or via Twitter, and I’ll get it changed ASAP. Featured image via Anthropologie.}

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  1. That post reminds me so of the good old times of student accommodation and having something like a 1m^2 for all my stuff… 😉

  2. Laura Torninoja says:

    All of these pictures are giving me serious interior design envy haha! Although, I’m absolutely determined to turn it into inspiration (insert flex emojij here). I think I could especially benefit from that last one and get a door storage solution – how did I never thought about that before?! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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