Fashion for Foodies: Lucy Folk’s Jewellery is Good Enough to Eat

If you follow Coco’s Tea Party on Instagram you will have seen the latest addition to my friendship bracelet collection: a multicoloured braid with a gold taco shell in the centre, designed by Lucy Folk. The Australian jewellery designer is my latest discovery, and I’m completely obsessed with her playful and unique collections. Lucy is a total foodie, and gets all of her inspiration from supermarket shelves. As well as the taco shell bracelets there are tortilla chip necklaces, pineaple earrings and pretzel brooches. If you love cooking (or just eating!) then Lucy Folk’s designs are sure to impress…

lucy folk orange earrings
lucy folk jewellery pasta pretzel tortilla chip
lucy folk jewellery pineapple friendship taco bracelet
lucy folk jewellery bento collection
Get Lucy Folk’s Taco Friendship Bracelets @ Matches:


You can find Lucy Folk’s designs at Matches, Harvey Nichols, Colette, and online at Do you like the look of Lucy Folk’s jewellery designs? Which pieces are your favourites?


  1. I have always loved her friendship bracelets! X

  2. As an Australian I can’t help but love Lucy’s designs (always so fun and whimsical), and that gold pretzel brooch is SO cute and must be mine!

    Briony xx


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