Highlights From Season 7 of the Let’s Discuss Podcast

Let's Discuss Season 7 Ella Monica

Have you been listening to season 7 of the Let’s Discuss podcast? The final episode of the series drops tomorrow morning. And, to mark the occasion, I thought I’d recap some of my favourite moments from the past 10 weeks.

We welcomed a LOT of guests onto the show – from body-positivity advocate, Callie Thorpe, through to bestselling author, Libby Page. And they all provided such insightful conversations. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights…

My personal favourite was New York dating coach, Clara Artschwager, who joined us in episode #54 to discuss the ghosting epidemic. As the podcast’s resident single lady, I have a lot of experience with ghosting. And it was great to get Clara’s take on the subject, and hear how we can construct healthier dating habits and begin meeting people in real life (rather than on swipe apps), once again.

I also loved talking to botanist, science writer and broadcaster, James Wong. We sat down with James in episode #49 to learn more about the relationship between humans and plants. James dazzled us with so many nerdy (yet totally fascinating) plant facts. And he also provided some much-needed tips for keeping house plants alive!

Let's Discuss Podcast

Monica and I didn’t have as many one-on-one discussions, this season. But in episode number #50 we shared our thoughts on the future of blogging, and opened-up about our current career concerns and insecurities.

Much of what we’re currently experiencing links back to our conversation with Katherine Ormerod, author of Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life, who joined us for the season premiere, in March. Katherine spoke about how social media has heightened our insecurities, as it’s now easier than ever to compare ourselves to others. And she shared some insight on what to expect from social media, in the next few years.

Overall it’s been a really fun season to work on. And, if you’re a fan of the show, it would be great to know what you’d like us to focus on for season 8. More interviews? More casual, one-on-one conversations? Live shows? Let me know in the comments section below…

Photos by Charlotte Bryer-Ash


  1. Michelle says:

    I absolutely love listening to the podcast. Can’t believe I only discovered it a few months ago! I’d love to hear more one-on-one episodes, and possibly more live shows. I’m yet to make it to ANY live pod recording haha.

  2. Loved all the episodes but especially the one with James Wong, so fascinating!


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