The Let’s Discuss Podcast’s 2018 Roundup and Your Chance to Share Your Feedback

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Earlier this week Monica and I released the final episode of the Let’s Discuss podcast’s festive season. It’s also the very last episode that you’ll hear from us in 2018. So this feels like the perfect time to reflect on our year of podcasting, and recap some of my favourite episodes (in case you plan to do some catching-up over the holidays).

This has been a year of significant growth for Let’s Discuss. Things started on a high, when in January The Glitter Guide listed Let’s Discuss as their favourite motivational podcast (a “pinch me” moment, if ever there was one). We also did our first ever live recording, in front of an audience at the Sainsbury’s Home A/W press day, this summer (nerve-wracking but so fun). And in October we joined the Acast family, which is home to so many of our favourite podcasts (it’s an honour to be in such great company).

But the biggest highlight of all has to be the conversations we’ve shared together, with our fabulous array of guests, and with you, the listener!

So to celebrate this incredible year, I’m sharing 5 of my favourite episodes from 2018 below. I’d love to know your favourites, too…

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My Favourite Let’s Discuss Episodes from 2018

1. How Reading Has Impacted Our Lives + Our Top Book Recommendations

We recorded this episode about reading and our top book recommendations at the beginning of the summer. And I still receive weekly emails and direct messages about our conversation, as listeners slowly work through our list of suggestions. We may have to do a follow-up episode in summer 2019…

2. Laura Jane Williams On Making Your ‘Yes’ Count, Letting Go Of Self-Imposed Guilt And Pursuing Your Own Path

Our interview with Laura Jane Williams, author of the brilliant self-help book Ice Cream for Breakfast, kicked off the 2018 festive season. And we couldn’t have asked for a better guest! Laura is funny, smart, ambitious and endlessly inspiring. If you’re having a bad day, or suffering with a bout of self-doubt, this episode is sure to put you in a better frame of mind!

3. Hormonal Health, Periods & Contraceptives

Initially we were worried this episode would be a bit too TMI. But we had soooo much fun discussing periods, hormones and contraceptives. Because, as a woman, what could be more relatable?!

4. Amanda Holstein, Founder Of Advice From A 20 Something, On Depression & Mental Health In Your Twenties

The lovely Amanda Holstein joined us via Skype, from her home in San Francisco, and generously spoke about her experiences with depression and anxiety. Depression is still a taboo topic in many circles, but it affects so many millennials. And we know from the outpouring of DMs we received that this episode touched so many of you.

5. Holistic Health Coach Tori Boughey On Finding Balance, Chakras, Crystals & How To Listen To Your Body’s Signals

In our most “woo-woo” episode to date, Monica and I sat down with holistic health coach Tori Boughey, and discussed the seven chakras. We were both fascinated by everything Tori revealed about the chakras, and the simple ways you can tune into your body to find more balance and inner peace.

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Here’s to more laughs and great conversations in 2019! And I’d love to take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about what you’d like us to deliver, next year… More interviews? More live events? Shorter episodes? Leave a comment below or email me at [email protected] to share your suggestions.

And if there are any topics you’d love to hear us cover just send in your requests. Because after Christmas we’ll be jumping straight into productions for season seven!

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