Why I’ll Always Love a Handwritten Note

Handwritten Notes

When was the last time you sent a handwritten note to someone you love? I don’t do it often enough, but I try to make a point of sending snail mail to my favourite people a few times throughout the year. Sometimes it’s for a specific reason: to mark a celebration, wish them luck in a new venture, or send my condolences. But more often than not it’s just for the sake of saying “hey, you’re awesome”.

I’ve previously written about maintaining long-distance friendships, because two of my best friends live outside of London. And it’s these besties, Daniella and Monica, that I exchange snail mail with most frequently.

Recently Monica sent me a cute card featuring a kitten and the slogan ‘SLAY GURL’, because she knew that I’d been having a challenging season with work (and that kittens always make me smile). And a few weeks before that I received a thank you note from Dani, who I’d supported through a rocky patch.

Both of these notes were short and sweet, but they made me feel so loved and connected. And just as Phoebe from Friends discovered, there is no such thing as a selfless good deed. Because handwritten notes not only makes their recipients feel warm and fuzzy – they’re also an instant mood booster for the person sending said note.

Research has found that the gesture of sending a handwritten note “boosts positive emotions and well-being for both the letter-writing ‘expresser’ and the recipient of the stated appreciation.”

So what are you waiting for? Put pen to paper ASAP…

Small reasons to send a handwritten note:

– “Remember that hilarious moment when ________ ? I was thinking about it earlier today and it really made me laugh. I hope the memory brings a smile to your face too!”

–  “Just a little note to say you’re awesome! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, beautiful lady!”

– “I’ve just finished a great book called _______, and this quote made me think of you…”

– “I know you have that big work project due this week, so I just wanted to say good luck! You’ve got this!”

– “Hey gorgeous! I know that this week has sucked, but next week will be better. Sending you lots of hugs.”

Image Credits: Notecards by Luke Irwin (gift) | Dress by Chic Wish | Left Hand: Watch by Citizen (past season) | Rose gold bangle by Monica Vinader (gift) | Signet ring by Astley Clarke (gift) | Ring stack by Monica Vinader | Right Hand: Silver bangle by Georg Jensen (gift) | Zig zag ring by Ophia (gift) | Rainbow ring by Ophia (gift)

When was the last time you sent or received a handwritten note? 

Photos by Kylie Eyra


  1. Sending and receiving handwritten notes is the best! I’ve had a pen pal for almost 4 years now and we live on different continents but just knowing the other is ‘present’ for us is so valuable! Also having good stationery helps xx

  2. Marta says:

    I love handwritten notes, they’re always so personal and sweet and show that the person really spent time writing it and thinking of what to say. I never used to write any notes but as I grow up I’m starting to enjoy that idea more and I’m definitely gonna make an effort to write them more often.

    • Ella Gregory says:

      It is such a nice thing to do if you can find the time, isn’t it? When I was growing up my mum had me send thank you notes after birthdays and Christmas, so it helped me get into the habit of it, which is lucky!


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