Weekly Wish List: How to Wear Neutrals

How to Wear Neutrals

How to Wear Neutrals

Trench coat by Tory Burch | Embellished loafers by Dune London | Lace dress by Monsoon | Headphones B&O Play | Print pencil skirt by Warehouse | Sunbathers T-Shirt by J.Crew | Stripe trousers by Topshop | Eyeshadow palette by MAC | Cross body bag by M&S

Ladies, something strange has happened… I’ve fallen in love with a pair of high-waisted, stripe trousers from Topshop. And somehow I’ve convinced myself they are the secret to eternal happiness. For some reason I feel like they are the answer to all of life’s problems; and that if I was the kind of girl who wore trousers this cool I’d never feel frazzled, anxious or insecure again. Isn’t it funny how fashion can sell the illusion of confidence?

I’m not even sure how I’d style these Topshop trousers. I’ve just decided that I need them!

Also topping my wish list, this week, is Monsoon’s lace little black dress (a solid wardrobe investment, as it will look great for years to come), and Warehouse’s print pencil skirt. The latter has just gone into the mid-season sale, so it’s now a total bargain. Style it with J.Crew’s sunbathers T-Shirt, adidas Gazelles and a denim jacket for a cool, off-duty look!

Which style buys are topping your wish lists, this week? And how would you wear Topshop’s super-cool stripe trousers? Leave a comment below to have your say… 


  1. If I wore high waister, stripe trousers like these, I am pretty sure people would think I am at least 7 feet tall… 🙂 I do wish I was short sometimes!

  2. I loooooove this stylish wish list…
    I’m currently on the look out for a classic trench coat, so I’ve added this Tory Burch design to my list! Hehehe…
    Also, that MAC eyeshadow palette is to die for!
    And those headphones look perfect for listening to podcasts with – I love the neutral hue.

    Daisy xxx


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