How to Free Yourself From Skinny Jeans

Madewell Jeans

Ladies, I come bearing bad news… skinny jeans are officially over. OVER, I tell you. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, because boyfit styles and straight cuts have been back in fashion for a number of seasons now; but if skinny jeans have been part of your uniform for the last decade it might be difficult to step out of your comfort zone. I’m definitely struggling!

And that’s why I’ve put together a simple three-step plan, which if followed correctly should free you from the clutch of your skinny jeans forever. Feeling up to the challenge? Then here you go…

Straight Leg Jeans Boyfriend Jeans Flared Jeans

One Step Up From Skinny… Madewell’s slim boyjeans (also try Gap real straight jeans)
Two Steps Up From Skinny… J Brand’s low-rise boyfriend jeans (also try Topshop’s boyfit jeans)
Three Steps Up From Skinny… MiH’s kick flare jeans (also try ASOS’ kick flares)

I’m still stuck on stage one, and my straight-leg Juicy Couture jeans are about as far as I’ll venture into new territory. But I really, really want to make the jump to looser boyfriend cuts and elongating flares. Because, let’s face it, although we could all style skinny jeans in our sleep there’s nothing exciting about buying yet another pair of skintight J Brands. It’s time we got excited about something new, and here’s some styling inspiration if you’re a bit stuck for ideas…

MiH Flares
Madewell Denim
J Crew Jeans
MiJ Jeans

So, will you be switching your favourite skinny jeans for a looser cut this season? Or is it impossible to separate you from your favourite skintight denim? Let me know…

P.S despite everything I’ve just written I have absolutely no intention of ditching my J Brand ‘Maria’ jeans completely. Never, ever, ever!

Photos from top: Madewell, MiH, Madewell, J.Crew and MiH


  1. Mia Thurlow says:

    Love this! I’ve been in bf jeans most of the summer, love the looser fit and a turn up looks great with flats or sandals but not sure how to style them for colder days. Think the Skinny jeans will be back put for winter as so easy to pair with boots and a big knits x

  2. Anita says:

    nice post! In the last months I really enjoyed the mom-jeans. Loved the look and feeling soo much. Recently I saw black carrot trousers at asos. It was love on the first sight. I think I go for these this autumn
    xx Anita

  3. lady bee says:

    Not a big fan of skinny jeans, since they require skinny legs which I don’t own for some reason !
    But I love straight cut jeans since they flatter me alot better and the same applies to straight cut ones a lot better.. I feel like boyfriend jeans adds a nice kick to a simple outfit even if worn with flats or pointed heels, its win win either way !

  4. Kate Zucconi says:

    Great post!
    I agree it’s time to let go, and move onto slouchier cuts, but old habits die hard!
    We all have our comfort zone and skinny jeans fit into that zone!
    I lke the straighter cut styles worn with a heel!

  5. Tali Kogan says:

    What a great post! Its surely time to move on forward and let the skinny go. I have had a hard time to adopt the loose fit until I tried on the denim sweats by Rag & Bone. Thank you for such great inspiration! xo


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