How to Manifest Success of Any Kind

How to Manifest Your Dreams

Success is a funny word, because it’s such an individual concept. My idea of success may not be yours, and vice versa. Success looks different for everyone.

But one thing I’ve noticed about quote-unquote “successful” people is that they’ve all manifested their success in one way or another. And lately I’ve become fascinated by the power of manifestation. I’ve tried to incorporate simple manifesting techniques into my weekly routines, and here are three exercises that I’m currently experimenting with…

1. Write a Letter From Your Future Self

At the beginning of autumn I travelled to Devon with the Liz Earle beauty team. We spent three restorative days on the coast, celebrating the brand’s latest launch. And one of the activities on our itinerary was a mindful letter writing workshop.

We were each asked to write ourselves a letter from our future selves. The letters were dated December 18th (three months from the date we were writing), and described what we’d accomplished over the past 90 days, and how those positive changes had made us feel.

I found this exercise incredibly powerful. And it’s an activity that I’ve revisited numerous times since that day.

Writing down your hopes and dreams as future facts somehow feels incredibly soothing. It not only makes you believe your desires are within reach, but the positive emotions you generate from the letter automatically increase your motivation to work towards those goals.

Because the thing with manifesting is that you’re still responsible for putting the work in. It’s not magic. You can’t just ask for something and expect it to be delivered without making any effort. But I do believe this activity (and the two following) help to create a sense of alignment with the universe, guiding you down the path to success.

How to Manifest Success

2. Believe Your Goals Are Achievable

My friend Josie Fear of Fashion Mumblr is a BIG fan of Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book The Secret. “It completely changed my outlook,” Josie explains. “It shifts your mindset towards positivity and gratitude. And it can help you achieve any goal, no matter how big or small.”

Josie regularly uses manifesting techniques from The Secret to set herself ambitious goals. And she always achieves them! (Which isn’t surprising, considering Josie is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met).

“Back in October 2016 I was creating so much content on YouTube, but my channel wasn’t growing,” Josie explains. “I was stuck at around 40,000 subscribers. So using manifestation techniques that I had learnt from The Secret, I decided to set myself a goal of reaching 100,000 subscribers by Valentines Day the following year. That’s 60,000 subscribers in 5 months.”

“By having no doubt in your mind that you’ll achieve your goals, the universe will adjust and enable them to happen.” – Josie Fear

“So confident was I that I’d be able to reach this goal, that in October (with around 42,000 subscribers) I bought myself an early Valentine’s Day gift: a Monica Vinader bracelet engraved with ‘one hundred thousand’. This would be a gift to myself on Valentine’s Day, to celebrate hitting that milestone.”

“And I’ll never forget sitting in the hairdressers on February 13th, 2017, watching my YouTube subscriber count tick over, 99,998…. 99,999… 100,000!!!!”

“I believe it’s mostly down to positivity and having complete trust that the universe has the power to make things happen,” Josie reveals. “If you have doubts or negative thoughts you’re less likely to achieve your goals. I love it when friends, family or followers tell me how they’ve used The Secret. They say, ‘Josie, you won’t believe what happened…’ But I absolutely can believe it. It works every time!”

3. Visualise Your Dreams

I was introduced to Shakti Gawain’s bestselling book Creative Visualization years ago, when Natalie Massenet spoke at The Vogue Festival. She revealed how she had used Gawain’s visualisation techniques to manifest the success of Net-A-Porter.

I can’t find the transcript from the talk, unfortunately – so I’m not able to quote Massenet directly – but she spoke about the early days of Net-A-Porter, when she was still running the business from her kitchen table. Throughout this period Massenet consistently visualised herself looking out at a large, bustling office space. And it’s a vision that came to life within a few years, when she posed for this photograph at Net-A-Porter’s global headquarters.

If you find it hard to pinpoint one key image to visualise, there are many other techniques from Creative Visualization that you can try. Creating a mood board of what you wish to achieve throughout your lifetime (or just over the course of a year), can also be really effective. Especially if you keep that vision board within your eye-line. For a long time my vision board was my desktop background and screensaver. This meant that my dream life was always front of mind, and I was encouraged to work on my goals on a daily basis.

Will you be implementing any of these manifestation techniques? Which exercises are you most excited to try? I’m now off to order a copy of The Secret. Josie has 100% sold me on its manifesting methods…

Photos by Claire Menary

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