My Festive Season Home Tour

Coco's Tea Party Christmas Home Tour

I’ve been looking forward to working on this blog post for the entire year. Because, as you know, I absolutely love the festive season and all of the joy and magic that it brings!

I moved into my West London apartment in early-January, so this is my very first Christmas in my new home. And I wanted to celebrate in style, despite the fact I only have 400 (and a bit) square feet to work with.

Read on to see how I’ve decorated my home for the festive season, and to get my tips on how to decorate a small apartment at Christmas…

Pictured above: Festive Breton top by Boden (gift) | Sequin headband by Anthropolgie | Desk chair by (gift) | Cushion by Elizabeth Scarlett (gift)

How to Decorate a Small Apartment at Christmas:
The Tree

Christmas Tree Decor Tips

Tree decoration from Windsor castle | Ombré baubles by Marks and Spencers (gift)

As over-the-top as this sounds, I actually started thinking about Christmas trees back in August. I knew that I wanted to put a tree up in my apartment, but I was worried I wouldn’t have enough floor space, because my flat is quite small.

However, after months of over-the-top analysis, I decided the best spot for a (small-ish) tree was in the back corner of my open-plan living room, sitting to the side of my desk. I briefly considered getting a fake tree, because it would be placed in front of a radiator, but I really didn’t want to contribute further to the world’s plastic problem.

In the end I ended up going for a real Norwegian Blue Spruce tree, because their needles don’t drop. And I turned off the corner radiator to stop the tree from drying out. I think it was the perfect choice, and I’m so happy with how it looks.

Marks and Spencer kindly supplied some colourful baubles, which perfectly compliment the style of my flat (I love a traditional red and gold tree, but thought that colour scheme would look out of place with the rest of my decor). But I still need to get a star for the top of the tree.

Christmas Decor for Small Apartments
Marks and Spencer Christmas Decorations

Ombré baubles by Marks and Spencers (gift)

Nutcracker Tree Decoration

Nutcracker decoration by Marks and Spencer (gift)

Anthropologie Headband

Sequin headband by Anthropolgie

Christmas Home Tour Coco's Tea Party

I accidentally ordered far too many fairy lights for the tree (a string of 300! Whoops!), so I’ve improvised and displayed the excess lights in a glass vase, which sits on top of my desk. It’s actually the perfect desk lamp!

The Living Room

IKEA Kallax Shelves Styling Tips

IKEA Kallax shelfStar decorations by Marks and Spencer (gift)

I’ve tried to introduce as many festive elements to my living space as possible.

Because space is a concern (and I hate clutter), I decided the best approach was to swap existing ornaments and home accessories for more seasonal variations. For example, my favourite scented candles have be stashed away for a while so that Christmas fragrances can take their place (like the True Grace advent candle). And my usual floral arrangements have been swapped for festive foliage.

I’ve also added small, easy-to-store touches, like the Sainsbury’s Home LED light star decoration which has elevated my #shelfie. Overall I think I’ve done a good job of making the space feel more festive, whilst also staying true to my home’s style identity.

How to Decorate a Small Apartment at Christmas

Wreath by Sainsbury’s Home (gift) | Road trip calendar from Anthropologie | Star decoration by Marks and Spencer (gift)

Christmas Pudding Socks

Christmas pudding socks by Next (gift)

How to Decorate a Small Apartment at Christmas

Gold tray by West Elm | Vase from a charity shop | Advent candle by True Grace (gift)

Christmas Home Tour
Christmas Candles Neom

On shelves: White vase by La Redoute (past season) | LED light star by Sainsbury’s Home (gift) | On coffee table: Jar candle by Anthropologie | Christmas candle by Neom (gift) | Festive foliage arrangement by Sainsbury’s Home (gift)

Boden Christmas T-Shirt

Festive Breton top by Boden (gift)

The Bedroom

How to Decorate a Small Apartment at Christmas

Snow globe by Dior Beauty (press gift from years ago) | Christmas stocking by Elizabeth Scarlett (gift) | Crystal ring holders by Xiss Jewellery

Elemis Advent Calendar

Elemis advent calendar | Faux peonies by Sainsbury’s Home (past season)

I’ve kept the Christmas decor to a minimum in my bedroom. And instead of going all-out with fairy lights and tinsel I decided to focus on one small area: my mantlepiece.

The Elemis advent calendar acts as the perfect centrepiece, and I’ve kept the white, pink and gold colour scheme going with Dior Beauty’s snow globe, a vase of faux peonies, and Elizabeth Scarlett’s embroidered Christmas stocking.

It’s currently my favourite spot in the entire apartment!

How have you approached festive home decor, this year? And what’s your verdict on my Christmas decorations? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts, as always…

Photos by Lydia Collins

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  1. You’ve done very well for first Christmas decor in your very own flat / space. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year Ella! x – theflairsophy |

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Thank you so much! Decorating was so much fun. I hope you’re having a lovely run-up to Christmas and New Year xx

  2. Even if I don’t like Christmas (It’s a bit sad, I know), your house is so pretty and you decorated it with good taste and lovely items.

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Aw thank you. And I actually know a few people who don’t really like Christmas time. I think it can be quite a challenging (or just monotonous) time for many people, so although I love it I also feel a bit bad that it’s forced down everyone’s throats so much haha xx

  3. Your place looks so cosy Ella! Advvent calendar and the socks now have my heart <3333

  4. Youve made your space look so cute and wonderful Ella! Wishing you the happiest of holidays!!


  5. Love your post. Your decoration is really beautiful especially the Norwegian Blue Spruce tree with colorful baubles and living room just amazing. Wishing you a happy new year.


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