Morocco, Part Two: A Yoga Retreat at Hotel Sahrai

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{Press Trip} Last week I shared the first instalment of my Morocco travel diary, with the details of our stay inside the Fes Medina. And now it’s time for part two…

After checking out of the Riad Fes hotel we were driven directly to the Riad’s sister-property, Hotel Sahrai. Riad Fes is ornate and traditional, whereas Hotel Sahrai has a sleek and contemporary feel.

Personally, although I marvelled at the spectacle of Riad Fes, Hotel Sahrai’s modern take on Moroccan style was more my jam. It’s exactly the kind of hotel I would gravitate towards on – so I was really excited to check in and explore.

Hotel Sahrai Fez Morocco

The hotel has a gorgeous selection of modern rooms and suites – all with chic, glass-walled bathrooms, sculpted plastering and insanely comfortable beds! But we spent very little time in our rooms.

We’d been invited to experience the Namasté yoga package that had just launched at Hotel Sahrai. So, throughout our stay, we were either on the rooftop doing yoga at sunrise and sunset, or lounging alongside the spectacular infinity pool. And, seriously, look at the view from the pool! Can you blame us for wanting to lap up every possible poolside moment?!

Hotel Sahrai Fes Morocco


Before this experience I never would have thought to visit Fes. Marrakesh or Casablanca, maybe. But I don’t think Fes would have ever come to mind.

(Previously, Fes always made me think of Rory Gilmore. In the first season of Gilmore Girls Richard describes Rory as “my granddaughter Rory. She’s going to Fes someday.” And at her 16th birthday party he presents her with a cheque “for Fes”.)

However, I’m now here to sing Fes’ praises. And I truly believe it’s a destination that you should consider for the remainder of 2019 and 2020.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the direct flight from London Gatwick into Fes took less than three hours. So it’s really no different that travelling to the Mediterranean. But, unlike the Mediterranean – where you’re not guaranteed sunshine and tropical temperatures during April, May, and June – Fes is a solid bet if you’re seeking good weather. I would 100% return for a long weekend of sunshine!

Sweaty Betty Swimsuit

Swimsuit by Sweaty Betty (gift). Also available in black and blue.

The Namasté Yoga Retreat

As you know, I’ve been really into yoga for the past year. And attending a yoga retreat is one of the items on my 19 for 2019 list. So I feel unbelievably grateful that this epic travel experience with Riad Fes and Hotel Sahrai came my way!

The Namasté yoga package at Hotel Sahrai was run by the wonderful Idi (AKA Yogidille). And every morning we began the day with a 7am, sunrise yoga class on the rooftop. Idi is such a fantastic and inspiring teacher. And by our second class she had coaxed us out of our comfort zones, and we were all experimenting with acro yoga.

It was my first time trying acro yoga, and I absolutely loved it! I don’t think I would have been confident enough to take an acro class, in London. But Idi provided the perfect introduction, and I can’t wait to try it again soon.

Acro Yoga Retreat

At 6pm, each evening, we’d somehow summon the willpower to peel ourselves away from the pool. And we’d wind down with another yoga class.

In the evenings Idi focused on Yin yoga, which felt so restorative and relaxing. I usually practise Vinyasa yoga, but our Yin sessions encouraged me to try some slower, and more gentle classes back at home.

Sweaty Betty Gratitude Jumpsuit

After our evening yoga classes we would quickly change for indulgent dinners on the hotel terrace. And Sweaty Betty’s “Gratitude” jumpsuit (above / gift) was my favourite evening outfit, during our time in Morocco. I wore it for a special Ramadan Ftour feast, at sunset, to mark the breaking of the fast. The wide-legged, ’70s vibes made me feel a bit like one of Charlie’s Angels!

Hotel Sahrai Morocco

I loved every moment of our stay at Hotel Sahrai, and would not hesitate to go back. If you’re craving a relaxing break, where you can soak up the sun beside a gorgeous pool – and get a little culture, here and there (there are shuttle buses from hotel to the Medina, every day) – then Hotel Sahrai should be a top contender!

Is Fes now sitting at the top of your travel bucket list? And have you visited Morocco, before? Comment below to share your experiences…

Press Trip: We stayed in the Fes as guests of the Riad Fes and Hotel Sahrai.

P.S. Morocco, part one: Spending 24 hours inside the Fes Medina


  1. I loved reading about this trip and looking at the beautiful photos. I went to Marrakesh a few years ago and loved it. I wondered about going to Fes. Now it’s definitely on my bucket list, especially as the flight time is so short.

    • Ella Gregory says:

      Hi Denyse. I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed these posts. I 100% recommend Fes. I think it’s supposed to be a bit more relaxing that Marrakesh, because there are fewer tourists. But it’s equally as beautiful and has so much history!


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