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New Year Goals 2018

Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 started on a high note for all of you. I very much enjoyed the Christmas break; a little bit of time off was definitely what the doctor ordered.

Half of my holiday was spent relaxing, and when I wasn’t plonked in front of the TV wearing pyjamas I was busy getting my new flat sorted.

December is definitely not the best time of year to move. The Christmas break delayed the (minor) work I needed to get done. And a lot of my furniture orders are still backed up. But this week I will finally be able to move in! I’m currently without a bed and a sofa, but my home is slowly coming together.

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Despite all of the distraction at home, CTP’s posting schedule will return to normal from today (with new posts shared on Mondays and Thursdays, the Weekly Wish List on Wednesdays and The Weekend Reading List on Fridays). I have lots of fun content planned for 2018, and I hope it will be another great year for CTP.

But, before we kick off, I just have a few notes to share with you…

What to expect from Coco’s Tea Party in 2018…

– The schedule for the Coco’s Tea Party email newsletter will be changing slightly in 2018. From now on there will be one newsletter on the first Tuesday of each month (featuring exclusive subscriber content, plus inspirational quotes and great fashion finds). Followed by an exclusive “Mini #My9to5” interview with a leading blogger/YouTuber on the third Tuesday of every month. If you’re not already subscribed you can sign up here.

– Many of you have reached out to ask whether I’ll be sharing home and interior content now that I’ve moved into my first home. And the answer is a big, fat YES! At the moment I’m still sleeping on a mattress and using a cardboard box as a coffee table, but I will probably share a detailed home tour in February, followed by a progress update in the summer.

– I also plan to produce some content about my experience as a first-time buyer. A few readers have said they’d love to hear how I got a suitable mortgage being self-employed/freelance. And if there are any other areas you’d like me to cover please reach out in the comments section or over email. I want to make these posts as helpful as possible!

– The Let’s Discuss podcast is currently on season break. But Monica and I will be returning for a fourth season in spring 2018. If there are any topics you’d love to hear us discuss next season just share a comment below with your suggestions.

Here’s to a peaceful and prosperous year ahead! Happy 2018…

Have you had a happy start to 2018? Do you already feel fired up for the year ahead? Or are you struggling to get back into the swing of things? Leave a comment below to have your say…

Photos by Victoria Metaxas at the Henrietta Hotel


  1. Congrats on moving in to your new house!

  2. Laura Emilia says:

    Happy New Year, Ella! Hope you’re enjoying your very own home so far – I can’t wait to see a sneak peek inside and hear about the process of first time buying, too! xx

  3. Katie Henry says:

    Can’t wait to see more from your blog this year. Love to see some of your new place when it comes together. Have a great year!

  4. Melina Kolyvakis says:

    happy new year Ella! hope you had a great start and congrats on your new flat, I bet it is a great adventure and experience.
    I´ve been reading your blog for years and continue to enjoy it.
    have a great year, xo

  5. cocos_tea_party says:

    Thank you so much Shloka. Happy 2018 xx


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