3 Ways to Give Back, This Holiday Season

Give Back over the Holidays

It’s the season of gift giving, and the ideal time to show gratitude for your own good fortune by helping others. And here are three worthy ways to give back over the holidays…

1. Donate to a food bank

Over 14 million people are living in poverty, within the UK. And 4.5 million of those are children. So, tragically food banks are now needed more than ever. You can help by donating to The Trussell Trust’s Christmas Appeal. Or find out how to donate necessary food and supplies to your local food bank here. I’ve been told it’s really important to check with your local food bank before donating, to find out what supplies they actually need, and you can do so here.

2. Reserve a Christmas dinner for a homeless person

For just £28.87 you can help a homeless person feel safe and cared for, this Christmas. Crisis at Christmas does such great work over the festive season, and their Christmas centres not only provide shelter and hot food, but also offer medical checks, clothing, counselling and more. You can donate here.

3. Shop smarter

We’ve all been guilty of buying cheap, naff stocking filler items for loved ones, in the past. And they no doubt just end up getting thrown away after a few weeks. So, this Christmas, shop smarter and consider Oxfam Unwrapped charity gifts for stocking fillers and secret santa gifts. For £10 you can buy safe drinking water for a family of four, or help farmers that are facing climate change. Making a donation on someone’s behalf is much more meaningful than giving yet another coffee mug…

How do you plan to give back over the holidays?

Photo by Victoria Metaxas


  1. Estranged says:

    I think charity donations in lieu of Christmas presents are a great idea, I adopted this approach in 2019 (both as a gift-giver and giftee). Not only is it more meaningful, but also helps avoid the stress of Christmas shopping, worrying if the recipient will like their gift, etc. And who needs more stuff anyway?

    For anyone interested, I recommend looking into Effective Altruism and their advice on charitable giving. My analytical mind couldn’t resist their scientific approach.


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