Florence Welch in US Vogue’s April Issue

Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine has well and truly made it in America. Recently she’s been rocking pretty much every red carpet stateside, she made an appearance in Gossip Girl and has now been photographed by Tim Walker for the April issue of US Vogue. Not bad going. And she looks beautiful, right?

Florence Welch Vogue

It’s also worth noting that Florence is pretty friendly with Anna Wintour’s favourite girl, Blake Lively. I love the story of how Blake Lively got invited to the couture shows last summer. If you missed it, it goes like this:

“I was speaking with Anna Wintour and we were just talking about different fashion houses and I said, ‘I love Chanel,’ and she said, ‘You should come with me to the show.’ I also said I loved Dior. She said ‘OK, well I’ll take you to the Chanel and Dior shows and we’ll meet with Karl and John [Galliano] afterwards.’ Insane!”

Obviously Florence deserves the Vogue appearance anyway, but I wonder if Blake made a sneaky phone call to Anna Wintour’s office. Something about how she loves Florence and the Machine, Tim Walker and peacock feathers…

Image thefashionspot.com


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