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Female Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Earlier in the month, when I shared my tips for elevating blog and Instagram photography, I mentioned that I now work with a small group of photographers when capturing content for Coco’s Tea Party. By now you’re probably familiar with their names, because Claire, Kylie, Lydia and Victoria are credited in many blog posts and Instagram uploads. But who are these talented ladies?

I thought it was about time I gave them a proper introduction. So scroll down to meet all of the women behind the lens, and pick up a few photography tips along the way too…

Lydia Collins

Lydia Collins Photographer

Instagram: @lydiaxcollins // Blog: Lydia Collins // Portfolio:

Camera/s you shoot with: My main go-to camera is a Canon 5D mark VI. It’s such a beautiful camera to shoot with! I also love to shoot with is my Hassleblad 500cm – a medium format camera with incredible quality and durability. My instax Mini comes with me on all my travels as it’s the perfect camera to capture special memories – I have a big polaroid wall at home where I stick all of the images!

The photographers that inspire your work: I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and am always amazed at how many talented people there are out there! A few of my favourite photographers and content creators are: Emily Abay (@emilyabay_photographer), Jessic Kobeissi (@jessicakobeissi), Bryant (@bryant), Janni Deler (@jannid), Tezza (@tezzamb), Evelina (@evelina), Micha Wissen (@michawissen).

Lydia Collins Photography

Your go-to editing App for Instagram: I use Lightroom for all of my colour grading and editing. And my favourite Apps for editing on the go are are Snapseed, VSCO + Lens Distortions (a great App for adding in lens flares).

Top tip for anyone who wants to elevate their photography: Enjoy shooting. It sounds silly but often people can worry to much about ‘getting the shot’ without actually enjoying the process. Photography should be a passion and something that you love to do. You’ll find that most of the time the best imagery you create will be when you least expect it and enjoying the moment.

Victoria Metaxas

Victoria Metaxas Photographer

Instagram: @victoriametaxas // Blog: Victoria’s Stories Travel Blog // Shop: Victoria’s Stories Print Shop

Camera/s you shoot with: I use the Canon 5D Mark III & IV using 24-70mm and 50mm lenses.

The photographers that inspire your work: I love the street style work shot by Ylenia from @ineffabledaze. The commercial ad photography by Nima Benati (@nimabenati) is amazing too – I love the locations and props she uses. And Georgianna Lane (@georgiannalane) creates the most stunning photographs of flowers and all things floral.

Victoria Metaxas Photography

Your go-to editing App for Instagram: I use Snapseed to get rid of blemishes and edit like I would on Photoshop. And I like the filters on VSCO for adding an interesting colour-tone and grain to photos.

Top tip for anyone to elevate their photography: Don’t forget the details. Everything in a photo has a role of communicating something. Does the dress match the backdrop? Could a prop be added? Is there a better time of day to create the image you’re after? Only a thought-through combination of details will make a photo extra striking. After all, a photo speaks a thousand words.

Claire Menary

Claire Menary Photography

Instagram @clairemenary // Blog: ISWASLONDON // Portfolio: // Shop: Pampelone X Claire Menary collaboration

Camera you shoot with: I shoot with a Canon 6D and various lenses (depending on what it is I’m shooting).

The photographers that inspire your work: Lucy Lauch (@lucylaucht), Jonathan Pryce (@garconjon), Moeez (@moeeztali) and Annapurna Mellor (@annapurnauna).

Claire Menary Pampelone

Your go-to editing App for Instagram: I’m a VSCO girl.

Top tip for anyone who wants to elevate their photography: Practice, practice, practice! And take inspiration from others: see how they capture a subject and really think about how they’ve done it. They’ve made a conscious decision to shoot in that way, so think about it, absorb it and learn from them. Photography is not just about having a camera and pressing a button, there’s skill and an art to it. Luckily, art is subjective so do what pleases you and never stop improving.

Kylie Eyra

Female Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram: @kylieeyraphotography // Blog: Memoir Mode // Portfolio: Kylie Eyra Photography

Camera/s you shoot with: I use the Canon EOS 5DS or the Canon 6D. And I usually favour the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.2 lens.

The photographers that inspire your work: I’ve always loved Rankin and Annie Leibovitz. And after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement shoot came out, I looked more closely at Alexi Lubomirski’s work and I really admire his openness and the videos he produces to help aspiring photographers. And, in the world of Instagram and blog photography, I really admire Kaye Ford (@fordtography), Holly McGyynn (@hollymcglynnphotographer) and Ashanti Jason (@adorngirl).

Your go-to editing App for Instagram: The Apps I use most often are VSCO, Lightroom, Inshot, Hypetype and Unfold.

Top tip for anyone who wants to elevate their photography: Always try to think outside the box. I’m really into architecture-based photography at the moment, and I try to incorporate that within my portrait work. To get inspiration I’ve started to follow scenic photographers on Instagram for background ideas, and then I imagine a how a person would fit into that scene.

Are you following Lydia, Claire, Victoria and Kylie’s work already? And who are your favourite female photographers to follow on Instagram? Leave a comment below to have your say…

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  1. Laura Emilia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! I’m constantly trying to better myself with photography, so it’s great hearing a bit more on how other photographers work. I’ve never heard of these women before, so I’m definitely gonna go and check all of their work out now! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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