Fashion Flashback: Mischa Barton Models Chanel

Over the weekend I was looking for a high-resolution image of Mischa Barton wearing Chloé’s Spring/Summer 2005 collection. Sadly I couldn’t find anything (I always forget fashion had a rubbish online presence back in The O.C days), but instead I stumbled upon these old images of Mischa modelling Chanel. I had both pictures pinned to my bedroom wall back in the day, as Mischa Barton (along with Nicole Richie and, believe it or not, Jessica Simpson) was my ultimate style icon. It was a lovely surprise to rediscover these photos, which still look great…

Mischa Barton in British Vogue November 2006
Mischa Barton in ELLE Girl UK (image originally from ELLE US April 2004)

Clicking through the gallery on Mischa Barton’s fansite (, if you fancy a visit) I started to feel a little depressed. In The O.C years Mischa was everything! Dripping in Chanel 24/7, wearing Phoebe Philo’s Chloé designs better than anyone and sitting on every front row that mattered, Mischa was fashion’s golden girl. Now she’s pretty much MIA, and even if she did make a comeback she’d struggle to take her style icon crown back from Blake Lively.

Fashion and Hollywood’s flaky short-term memory can be seriously cruel… But when it comes to Chanel I still think Mischa wore it better than today’s current crop of starlets. She owned it!

Were you a massive Mischa Barton fan back in The O.C days? Do you miss her early style?



  1. Roxanne Lee says:

    Vanessa Hudgens deserves that crown and I would chose Mischa Barton over Blake Lively anyday.


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