3 Fast Ways to Elevate Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

I feel like I always lose my flair for getting dressed somewhere around the middle of November. Seasonal Affective Disorder definitely impacts me during the darkest months of the year, and I develop a “cannot be arsed” attitude to fashion. I wear the same boring outfits on rotation (skinny jeans + chunky roll neck knits + ankle boots),  and then spend the duration of winter feeling frumpy and unattractive.

This year I’m determined to break that vicious cycle. And I have a few ideas up my colourful Breton stripe sleeves. So here are the 4 ways I plan to elevate my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Fast Ways to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

1. Update the Basics

As I mentioned, I have a habit of falling back on the same tried-and-tested items, every winter. These include Breton stripe T-shirts (always in the classic white, navy and red), dark-wash skinny jeans, cuban heel ankle boots, chunky knit sweaters in cream or navy and, if I’m going out, black lace-y blouses.

These are all great pillars for a capsule wardrobe. But, let’s face it, there’s nothing on that list to set your heart aflutter!

So this year I’m trying to update my wardrobe essentials, where possible . For example, I’m swapping my classic Breton stripes for more interesting colour combinations (Boden have great options here and here). I’m also hunting down more colourful knitwear, adding some variety to my denim selection (like the side-split slightly flared jeans pictured above), and expanding my selection of long-sleeved “going out” tops (like this Lily and Lionel number).

How to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

2. Step It Up With Accessories

Every time I hang out with my friend Briony Whitehouse of A Girl, A Style I’m always completely mesmerised by her ability to accessorise an outfit. Briony has such a great eye for detail, and has built up a beautiful collection of brooches, costume jewellery, hats and scarves over the years.

It means she can be completely bundled up in a winter coat – or dressed in the most simple outfit – yet still look styled to perfection with the placement of a few playful accessories. (Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about).

I feel like it’s a very Carrie Bradshaw way of thinking, and I’m now going to start rummaging through the costume jewellery section in every charity shop and thrift store that I pass. I want to build up a collection of quirky pins and brooches to elevate my knitwear and winter coats…

Capsule Wardrobe Fall Winter

I’m Wearing: Stripe Breton t-shirt by Boden (gift) | Side split jeans by Boden (gift) | Suede boots by Burberry (past season) | Cashmere scarf by Lois Avery (gift) | Necklace by Monica Vinader

3. Clever Layering

The biggest problem I face with winter dressing is the fact that I get really, really cold. And I’m not someone who is willing to sacrifice warmth for style. But I now realise I shouldn’t have to.

I’ve spent a lot of time collating winter layering tips from various online sources (and generally stick to those penned by New Yorkers or Canadians, because those ladies know how to layer). Two articles worth checking out are “4 Seriously Chic Ways to Layer This Winter” from Vogue (I will definitely start layering knits) and “How to Layer and Still Look Cute This Winter” (hello socks over tights!).

Do you have any great winter layering tips of your own to share? And how to you plan to elevate your winter wardrobe this year? Comment below to have your say…

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Photos by Lydia Collins



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