December Survival Guide: 3 Organisation Tricks to Stop You Feeling Frazzled

December To Do List Organisation

The run-up to Christmas is such a special, celebratory time of year. But, once you reach a certain age it inevitably loses some of its magic. I always think back to the extreme levels of excitement my brother and I experienced as children, in the weeks leading up to December 25th. It was pure joy!

And December is still a joyful time of year for me. But, naturally, it now comes with a gigantic festive to-do list, rather than the arts and crafts sessions, visits to Santa Claus and nativity plays experienced in childhood (oh, to be six-years-old again…).

It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning under the weight of a thousand responsibilities, as Christmas approaches. You’re trying to wrap up your work for the year, but also have presents to buy, elaborate dinners to plan, travel to organise and relatives to entertain. It can be incredibly overwhelming. And that’s where these simple December organisation tips come in… Action them all asap, and watch as your stress levels subside!

December Preparation

Write a checklist so detailed it would make Santa proud

I’m sure you all knew how this was going to begin… Of course it’s with a to-do list! Personally, I think it would be impossible to make it through the season without one.

I like to make a series of checklists, ahead of December 1st, because there’s always so much to remember. And crowding everything onto one giant list just creates confusion. So I’ll have an individual list dedicated to Christmas gifts, another specific to Christmas cards, a third to check off all social engagements, and a forth filled with miscellaneous errands (buy cranberry sauce etc).

Once I have my main to-do lists written, I’ll then divide the tasks up into bitesize chunks and allocate time to get everything completed. If you find that cute stationery helps to motivate you, check out kikki-K’s daily and weekly planner pads. They’re incredibly useful to use year-round, but become essential over Christmas!

Balance work and play

The main benefit to writing a really detailed to-do list is that it then allows you to schedule your time wisely. December should be all about friends, family and fun. So put social events and parties in your calendar first, then schedule the less-thrilling tasks around the month’s more celebratory moments.

Once you start filling out your calendar you’ll be able to step back and assess the month as a whole. It’s then that you’ll spot opportunities to save time and notice any free afternoons/evenings that you can spend with loved ones.

December Organisation Tips

Start early

I know it can be really tempting to put things off until the very last minute. Especially when they’re tasks we truly cannot be bothered to do (buying a gift for the distant relative you never see, etc).

But starting early, and getting the bulk of your festive chores done at the beginning of the month will save you a lot of stress in the long run. That final week before Christmas is when most of the fun happens – so aim to get all of your errands out of the way by December 18th. That way you can sit back, relax and remain in the moment when the celebrations step up a gear…

Do you have any December organisation tips of your own? Feel free to share any suggestions in the comments section below…

Photos by Victoria Metaxas at The Henrietta Hotel, Covent Garden 


  1. I try to have all of my gifts done in November, same with scheduling all of the meetings and such for the Christmas time. Makes it so much less hustle in December!

  2. Sarah Teitelman says:

    Absolutely love the planner! Will be sure to add it to my holiday list 🙂 xxx


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