How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

I often get approached by new bloggers looking for advice. And whilst I unfortunately don’t hold the recipe for online success (if I did I would sell it for millions), I’m always happy to share a few practical tips that will help elevate any blog. And the first of which is to start an editorial calendar.

Why do you need an editorial calendar, you might wonder… Well, it helps to keep you organised and stick to a regular posting schedule (which, in turn, will attract loyal readers). Plus, it also guides your monthly content and allows you to balance all of the subjects you cover.

So now the question remains: how do you create an editorial calendar for your blog? And the answer is easy! I use Google Calendar, which is completely free and easy to access on the go. It’s much more practical than putting pen to paper, because you can colour-code items at the click of a button, and also drag-and-drop if you want to change a post date.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how I use the platform to organise CTP’s content…

How to Create an Editorial Calendar

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Step #1: The first thing I do when I open up a new month on Google Calendar is input all of CTP’s regular features. For example: the email newsletter and Let’s Discuss podcast on a Tuesday, the Weekly Wish List on a Wednesday and The Weekend Reading List on a Friday. Already the calendar starts to look quite full…

How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Step #2: I then go through the calendar again and add in one-off editorial content that I’ve brainstormed ahead of time – “how to” posts and style features, for example. Sometimes I already have a post title in mind, so I use that as the calendar heading. Otherwise I just type in a rough description to jog my memory.

And, if I don’t already have a post concept in mind, I’ll just place one of my content categories into the empty slot instead (like “careers feature” or “wellbeing post”).

How to Create a Blogging Editorial Calendar

Step #3: As I move through the month and start working on my content, I can clearly see which posts I need to focus on first. When I finish working on a post I highlight it in orange. And if it’s almost been completed, but is still waiting on images or final edits, I highlight it in yellow. I try to work at least one week ahead of time for peace of mind, but this isn’t always possible.

Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

And, that’s it! It literally couldn’t be any more simple. Plus, the great thing about using Google Calendar is the fact you can share access with other users. So if you blog as a duo, have a team of writers, or work with an agent, you can allow them to view and contribute to calendar as well.

If you’ve found this post helpful and are looking for more blogging tips and tricks, check out the Coco’s Tea Party e-book, 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging.

How do you plan your blog content? And will you be adopting this editorial calendar layout? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the subject…


  1. I never thought to use Google calendar. Very useful, thank you!

  2. I;’d so get lost without my planner 🙂

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      I actually struggle to use a paper planner, but every year try to get into the habit. For some reason I just work much better with a digital planner. Weird, isn’t it?

  3. I think editorial contents are such a must! They really help me stay organised and it’s just much better for time management and in order to understand what works! Great advice!


  4. cocos_tea_party says:

    Haha! Pen and paper does is way more time consuming, isn’t it? And then you have to take your diary everywhere if you want to work on the go. xx


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