7 Savvy Soundbites From Bobbi Brown’s Vogue Festival Talk

Bobbi Brown Vogue Festival

The Vogue Festival look place in London over the weekend, concluding last night with the much-anticipated live discussion between John Galliano and British Vogue’s Alexandra Shulman. I joined the festivities yesterday afternoon – before the crowds arrived for Galliano – to watch Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton in conversation.

As I’ve mentioned before, I find Bobbi Brown hugely inspiring, and her appearance promised to give an insight into “how she built an empire based on women making the most of what nature gave them”. It didn’t disappoint, and I left the talk feeling energised and inspired. So, to kick-start the work week, here are 7 savvy Bobbi Brown Vogue Festival soundbites. Enjoy…


FAMILY IS ALWAYS THE FIRST PRIORITY “I’ve been married for 27 years. I still love my husband and I have three boys, 25 to 17, and my family have always been my first priority. I realised a long time ago that after a day working in the studio I could get dressed up and go and stand in uncomfortable clothes or I could go home, put my shorts on and hang with my family at their ball games. So I always went with my family.”

HELP PEOPLE WHERE YOU CAN “I never think I have to do something. I just do what feels right. It’s probably just the way I was raised – always be nice to everybody, no matter how high or how low they are. And it’s about helping people where you can. Some people can help with money, some people can help with their time. I took a lead with Pretty Powerful because I run my business the way I run my life: you’re nice to everybody, you care about people and you do what you can.”

CONTOURING ISN’T NATURAL “I don’t get this whole contouring thing. I think I’m probably the only makeup artist who feels this way. And I know some of my artists contour with my products and don’t tell me about it. But contouring just says that there’s something wrong with the way you look. I like to enhance natural beauty and not try to change someone.”

Kate Upton Bobbi Brown

Kate Upton stars in Bobbi Brown‘s latest campaigns

Kate Upton Bobbi Brown Beauty Summer 2015

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH TALENTED PEOPLE “I make sure I always have people around me who are good at doing the things I’m not good at. It’s the secret of being successful and the reason I get to do so many things.”

DON’T LET FAILURE DISCOURAGE YOU “I would tell anyone out there who is starting their own business or becoming a mother or starting at school that you have to put your best into everything. Some things don’t work. And if they don’t work take a step back, breathe, and do something different. But, I have to say, one of the best things about myself is that I’m naive – I just never think something’s not going to work, and that’s helped a lot.”

MAKEUP IS EMPOWERING “I think makeup is the most empowering thing, because while you don’t always have control of how the clothes look in your closet you do have control of the makeup. For example, if your skin is dry you can add a little more moisture on top of it. For me – and for most women, I think – makeup can instantly make you feel better.”

AND, FINALLY, THE SECRET TO LIFE… “The secret of life is to be comfortable.”


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Is Bobbi Brown also an inspiration to you? And did you attend The Vogue Festival this year? What did you think?

Vogue Festival image by Darren Gerrish



  1. Lola Byatt says:

    really great interview. great advice.

  2. Izzy says:

    Ah im so jealous you got to hear this! Sounds like such a good interview x


  3. After a tough day, reading something as inspiring as Bobbie’s words has lifted my spirits. I’m naive too, I feel I share a lot of her thinking. Thanks Ella, another lovely post.
    Isabel xx

  4. I am very inspired from Bobbi Brown. I have never attend the festival. interview is very informative…….


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