Beauty Tried and Tested: Lush’s Gold Liquid Eyeliner

When I first heard Lush were launching a makeup collection I was rather intrigued and couldn’t wait to test the products. I mean, how often you get to wear vegan makeup products that were made by hand? Admittedly the vegan/handmade factors lowered my expectations a little, but I was pleasantly surprised by Lush’s liquid eyeliner in a gold shade named “Fantasy” (made by Caroline). The colour is really strong, long lasting, easy to apply and you only need one coat.
Lush liquid eyeliners, all £14.50
Lenny Kravitz as Cinna in The Hunger Games
I’m channelling the super stylish Cinna from The Hunger Games by wearing dots of the gold eyeliner in the corner of my eyes. And I’m tempted by the metallic blue shade as well…
The full Lush “Emotional Brilliance” makeup collection is available in stores from July 21st, and also includes lip colours and cream eyeshadows. You’re actually supposed to match the colours to your emotions, but I’d much rather just pick out whatever shades are the prettiest.
Will you give the Lush makeup collection a go? Are you a fan Cinna-style of gold eyeliner?


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